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MVJ Athletics Training Center II

MVJ Athletics Training Center II

Address: 705 Dawson Dr, Newark, DE 19713, USA


Website: http://www.mvjathletics.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Nicole trier Nicole trier
Shared publicly - November, 1
The boxing and kick boxing classes are the best I have been in!!! If your looking for the best this is the place to be. I lost 20 lbs in the first few months. The gym is amazing I highly recommend for anyone whether it’s looking for something new to do, losing weight, defending yourself, or potentially looking to be a real boxer/kick boxer.

Gayle Simpson Gayle Simpson
Shared publicly - February, 6
Wonderful, family oriented atmosphere. MVJ II is the place to go for an excellent workout with trainers who push you to give your all. I can honestly say that after a stressful workday, MVJ II helps me clear my mind and recharge.

Derick Potter Derick Potter
Shared publicly - February, 6
Great atmosphere and great people. I recommend them to everyone in Dover Delaware looking for a place to get in shape or become a fighter

Dawn Alexis Dawn Alexis
Shared publicly - June, 28
You have to come out to see for yourself. I love this place. Making champs is what they all do.

michael crain michael crain
Shared publicly - November, 1
Coach Greg Pritchett will make you into the fighter you want to be whether it's professional, amateur or just training. He sees and works on each person's strengths and weakness individually. Each training session is different and you will be pushed! This is a five star gym. ud83cudf1f ud83cudf1f ud83cudf1f ud83cudf1f ud83cudf1f

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