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Milford Movies 9

Milford Movies 9

Address: 989 N Dupont Blvd, Milford, DE 19963, USA


Website: http://www.milfordmovies9.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Eric Kennedy Eric Kennedy
Shared publicly - March, 12
Cool spot. The concession set up is great and basically help yourself. Self serve butter! They have the best movie chairs - 4 settings, plus heat! Large bathrooms, dark theater, lit aisles, big screen, awesome sound! Nostalgic local? Peep the old Walmart flooring...

Jason Workman Jason Workman
Shared publicly - April, 3
Its very comfortable and relaxing. Best one I have been to in a long time. The seat are roomy and there is plenty of leg room. Would def recommend to others

Joshua Howard Joshua Howard
Shared publicly - February, 14
Excellent theater! I love small theaters and this one is the best one in the area. So much room and comfy seats that are heated and can recline. Friendly staff. The popcorn was good too. It honestly reminds me of an expensive inner city theater.

Mike Allabaugh, REALTOR Mike Allabaugh, REALTOR
Shared publicly - March, 13
Felt very safe! Seat recline back as well as putting your legs up if you desire. Very comfortable sits. 2 large popcorn, 2 drinks, water and candy was very reasonable. Cant wait to go back again!

Hamilton Schlabach Hamilton Schlabach
Shared publicly - January, 9
We had an interesting experience here! We bought our tickets at the theater and payed $9.50 per ticket, great price. Theater and lobby was clean, well maintained, and customer service was good. Seats were awesome- comfy, reclined, heated, USB, and a little table that swivels over your lap when seated. About an hour into the movie, the sound started to cut out every few seconds. After a few minutes a manager entered the theater and fixed it. About an hour later, it happened again. This time he offered us our money back and a free movie on our next visit. We were bummed about our first experience, but customer service was good and we will definitely go back. The manager said they only had the audio issue in that specific theater.

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