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MERRISACH LAKE (recgovnpsdata)

MERRISACH LAKE (recgovnpsdata)

Address: 148 MERRISACH, Stimpson Rd, Tichnor, AR 72166, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 870-548-2291

Website: https://www.recreation.gov/camping/merrisach-lake/r/campgroundDetails.do?contractCode=NRSO&parkId=71291

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Kevin Kitchens Kevin Kitchens
Shared publicly - September, 15
We went fishing there, but, being April, the winds were to rough and the water was to choppy. The sites are well laid out. There are cleaning tables at the sites to clean your fish. Electric and water at each site. Located right on the channel with boat launch and dock. No swimming due to the alligator population. Reservations required in advance.

Laura Morgan Laura Morgan
Shared publicly - September, 15
We had a great 4th of July week camping. We fished, walked, camp fire fun, grilling good time with family and friends. If you are disabled you can get a pass card so you only pay 1/2 price a night. Call and ask here at this state park. RVs and tent areas and grill for a day spots.

Bill Norris Bill Norris
Shared publicly - September, 15
Very nice campground! Don't follow your GPS, pull out a map and navigate to the park on blacktop.

Tammy Langley Tammy Langley
Shared publicly - September, 15
Nice park. Quite, relaxing. Just watch out for gators there is quite a few in this area of the park.

Jayley Moss Jayley Moss
Shared publicly - September, 15
Barges, Eagle’s & Owl’s also great spot to drone!

Karene Barker Karene Barker
Shared publicly - September, 15
Way out in the middle of nowhere but who cares when you find such a nice campground. Army Corp Parks never disappoint ! Site #D-9 is its own little peninsula . Excellent view, perfectly level , huge, sheltered picnic table . Closet grocery 25 miles away so bring your supplies and food .

Larry Hendricks Larry Hendricks
Shared publicly - September, 15
We had a three day trip that was great. Only thing is that I wish all camp sights had a roof over the eating tables,would help keep the sun out.Mangers of Merrisach Lake are super nice people,will help you in anyway,also will let you no what's the best close restaurant are.

Carolina Drush Carolina Drush
Shared publicly - September, 15
Beautiful, clean and very peaceful. We arrived late and we were able to pick our own spot. Lovely, view of the water.

Morgan Bray Morgan Bray
Shared publicly - September, 15
Great place to camp

Pam Peebles Pam Peebles
Shared publicly - September, 15
Very peaceful. We camped in D-09. Definitely planning a return trip!

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