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Merengue House Bar & Restaurant

Merengue House Bar & Restaurant

Address: 837 N Union St, Wilmington, DE 19805, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-543-4008

Website: https://merenguehousebarandrestaurant.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Rashun Davis Rashun Davis
Shared publicly - August, 2
Great authentic Dominican food! I ordered the beef empanadas, calamari, skirt steak w/shrimp and salmon w/yellow rice. The was seasoned well and very flavorful. The empanadas were amazing... all stuffed and crispy. This is worth a repeat.

Angela Angela
Shared publicly - June, 3
Gave this place a try based off of the reviews... And i was soooo disappointed...I wanted to cry because I was hungry and couldn't even eat this stuff...order the Pechuga A La Plancha which was supposed to be marinated Chicken.. it was beyond dry.. and not very seasoned.. they topped it with a spoon of salsa.. the empanadas LOOKED delicious and were fully and stuffed with meat... It was supposed to be steak but turns out it was unseasoned ground beef... It tasted like grease and ground beef.. the crust was nice and crispy.. but no seasons at all it was hard to eat... I was expecting lots of season and maybe peppers something... The chicken empanada was dry and unseasoned..maybe it was a bad day.. but they seem like they have potential.. I would give them another try in the future.. if they just use some season spice it up and not over cook it they would be a 5 star

Shelwyn Becker Shelwyn Becker
Shared publicly - March, 5
Delicious food, great service, friendly people. I definitely recommend this place!

Beny Vasquez Beny Vasquez
Shared publicly - November, 5
It is a nice little spot with alot of potential. The food was good and the staff was very friendly. I would definitely come back again. 🤗

Elizabeth Acevedo Elizabeth Acevedo
Shared publicly - July, 3
Amazing food, atmosphere, and even better service! We had a group of 19.. with some of the pickiest eaters, and OMG I did not get 1 complaint! Everyone loveddddd their food and drinks! The pernil(pork) was one of the best I've ever had ( my mom even had to ask who cooked it to let her know it was delicious) Wish we didnt live so far because we would be here all the time.

Cynthia Randolph Cynthia Randolph
Shared publicly - August, 11
I love the energy here! Friendly service, great food in our neighborhood. Our meals were fresh, and cooked to perfection. We will be back!

Kamirah Johnson Kamirah Johnson
Shared publicly - August, 2
Let the photos speak for themselves... A must visit

Joe Davis (Chilly) Joe Davis (Chilly)
Shared publicly - January, 4
we had our slice of Dominican heaven with the best Pernil and Ox tails outside NYC.

Elnora Waters Elnora Waters
Shared publicly - September, 1
This place is the best kept secret of Wilmington DE. The margaritas are bomb and a must try. Happy hour wings and empanadas are very good. Please let me know if you feel the same. Our server was Emeli and so nice and explain the menu to folks who didn't know any better. A must try if you are I. Wilmington Delaware.

Angel Vizcarrondo Carmenaty Angel Vizcarrondo Carmenaty
Shared publicly - September, 1
Pretty good and so much food.

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