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Marshall Airport USO Lounge

Marshall Airport USO Lounge

Address: 7026 Friendship Rd, Baltimore, MD 21240, USA


Website: https://metro.uso.org/bwi

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Jason Seeking Jason Seeking
Shared publicly - December, 21
The staff is awesome and will look to take care of every need if possible. Thanks USO-BWI.

Pamela Doutrich Pamela Doutrich
Shared publicly - November, 19
Well, this USO was the most absolute horrible experience I’ve had. I’ve been going to the USO for decades, I was an active duty soldier, wife of an active duty soldier and I now am a 100% line of duty service connected disabled veteran.nnMy brother who is a current active duty soldier moving with his family to Germany and was on a 7 hour layover went to the USO for some piece and kindness since he had been up on airplanes with 5 kids under 10. WOW is all I can say about the way we were treated!!!!!!!!nnFirst incident was him being yelled at by the worker for asking for food. Then I witnessed another families teenager being told he was eating to many snacks.......then the worker started eating the snacks donated for that young man in front of him. The lady then started complaining that a large family asked for 5 waters!nnThe lady was extremely rude and obnoxious to ME. I am the mother of a soldier! I am the sister of a soldier! I am a service connected disabled veteran......who on earth is the USO there to serve if not for people like me?nnI question how the USO is using the donations if it isn’t for soldiers and their families. It was completely a mess and caused more stress to our already overwhelming situation. If the workers don’t want to serve service families they need to stop volunteering there and go somewhere else.

Kathleen Mcnicholas Kathleen Mcnicholas
Shared publicly - February, 14
My family and I were at BWI on February 6 to meet the Delta flight carrying the remains of my uncle Edward A Nalazek who died in the battle of Tarawa in 1943 and was interred at Arlington this Monday. The entire BWI family was amazing and welcoming. The welcome of the ladies of the USO was memorable. Their kindness was welcomed and will never be forgotten. They all joined us in honoring Uncle Eddie. Thank you all. Kmcnicholas md

Nick Lozinski Nick Lozinski
Shared publicly - December, 21
Staff here is amazing, very friendly and welcoming. It was so nice to feel welcome while in such a stressful situation of waiting for our next flight. Loved storing our luggage there so that we didn't have to drag it everywhere and being able to use the bathroom without 100lbs of suitcases. They gave us a hot meal and an ice cold drink. They also have an amazing selection of snacks and seats to relax.

Joseph Avenida Joseph Avenida
Shared publicly - October, 28
I didn’t get to spend much time here it was just a lay over but when I got their the first time I did was sleep watched some football when I got up and got ready and left. Everyone was nice their and at the time their was a book thing going on for your kids to send them a video of you reading a book to them and send them that book! It was so nice my daughter loved it.

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