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Malco Rogers Towne Cinema

Malco Rogers Towne Cinema

Address: 621 N 46th St, Rogers, AR 72756, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 479-631-5865

Website: https://malco.com/cinema_shows_new.php?theatre_pick=17

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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CJ Ceej CJ Ceej
Shared publicly - June, 15
Have lived in the area for a number of years and have passed this theater a hundred times I feel like. Decided to stop in to catch a movie last minute tonight and glad I did! The theater is overall very clean, it’s was very UNDER crowded for a Friday night which is a perk in my eyes, the staff was friendly, and the sound of the movie was exceptionally great. The chairs were made for comfort, but I actually started to get pretty uncomfortable in them around one hour into our movie. Good concept for sure. But not big on how cheap they are made and feel. But it’s nothing major that will prevent me from going back. Additionally, I’m a big fan of the aisles not being smashed up against each other in the smaller theaters. Each row felt very private. Enhanced the experience!

Rizz Woods Rizz Woods
Shared publicly - August, 23
Very clean theater and very helpful team members. Our theater didn’t have updated reclining seats, but that’s just luxury anyway.

Sarah JaQuay Sarah JaQuay
Shared publicly - September, 13
Very clean and they offer a lot of different things to eat. The popcorn is good as long as it is fresh. They offer wine and a variety of different drinks. They also have a wide range of food choices. There is security within the building which is great. The seating reclines and it's very clean inside of the movie theaters.

msromike msromike
Shared publicly - August, 14
Enjoyed picture quality, sound, and seating. Except there is a wall in front of the seats on the back top row. My grandkids and wife couldn't see the bottom of the screen. The theater had a choice, put in a top row behind a safety rail wall to increase capacity or add the row and let the customer experience suffer. They chose profit over my family's experience.

Jessica Hernandez Jessica Hernandez
Shared publicly - August, 14
The food is disgusting!!!!!! I paid $43 for a burger, pizza, coke, and cup of water. My burger was extra charred and tasted like nothing but burnt. The meat was so thin from being over cooked. The pizza tasted cheap tomato sauce it was overwhelming. The cheese didn’t stay on the pizza. The seats are comfy but do not buy the food . Stick with chips and candy . They can’t mess that up. Even the popcorn has been burned on previous visits, which I why I tried the grill this time

Adam Bolain Adam Bolain
Shared publicly - June, 15
We had an emergency medical issue while at the theatre. The staff and management were very compassionate and helpful. Especially the manager Quinn, they were amazing. There is more to a theatre than just great movies; there are great people too. Thank you Malco.

Cindy W Cindy W
Shared publicly - May, 16
I went to see Father Stu the movie with assigned seats. The concession stand person advised me of a combo deal to save money. The seats are recliners, very comfortable. It was a fun time.

Jennifer Rechlin Jennifer Rechlin
Shared publicly - June, 15
Great venue. The small theatres and reclining seats make for an enjoyable experience. The young man helping us to pick our time and seats for the movie was more than patient and helpful.

Tate Courtney Tate Courtney
Shared publicly - August, 14
Went to a late night movie because it was the only free time I had. Ordered the large drink and popcorn so I could get the refills. Not even half way thur the movie went to get refills and they had already closed the snack bar. I feel like if your gonna offer refills and late movies you should at least let guest know that you will close the snacks early if they are paying that kind of money for snacks.

Nepal Plummer Nepal Plummer
Shared publicly - July, 15
We love this theater. Very clean, friendly staff and great tasting food. The recliner seats are super comfortable. We were in auditorium 2 and all of the seats were recliners.

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