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Malco Pinnacle Hills Cinema

Malco Pinnacle Hills Cinema

Address: 2100 S Bellview Rd, Rogers, AR 72758, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 479-936-8494

Website: https://malco.com/cinema_shows_new.php?theatre_pick=95

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Elijah Wogoman Elijah Wogoman
Shared publicly - August, 14
Great theater to see a mid-day matinee. I've always had a fantastic experience with Malco, and this particular theater is no different. Clean with none of those sticky floors that plague most theaters. The seats are pretty comfortable, but the Towne Cinema has way better seats overall. It's a quality theater to see the latest movies in.

Coconut Pete Coconut Pete
Shared publicly - April, 16
Super expensive snacks and wayyyyyyyyy too many previews before watching a movie. Isn't the point of paying for a movie ticket so you don't have to watch ads? The movie was supposed to start at 7:30, but didn't start until around 7:50 after probably around 30 different ads/previews. How much money does the theater make from these ads? Shouldn't the admission price be free? I'm being generous by leaving 4 stars as I originally was going to leave 3. I really want to see the movie theater business succeed, but it's looking pretty grim. The industry needs to bring back old movies from the 80's and 90's perhaps one night a week... budget night. I've seen theaters do this in several different cities and is usually a success. Just an idea... Also it isn't a fun experience to be restricted to specific seats. Most people don't want to sit 3 inches away from a stranger or have their feet right behind your head. If you pick a reserved seat then someone else decides to pick a seat near you then what? Exhausting.

Martin Kei Tamayo Martin Kei Tamayo
Shared publicly - July, 15
I had a very good experience at Malco Theater. I had not been to the movies in over 5 years since I left Houston. The staff was friendly and helpful. The popcorn 🍿 was fresh. The seats were soft and comfy. The Theater was clean. Couldn't ask for more. Thir: Love and Thunder was awesome 👌

Darla Pool Darla Pool
Shared publicly - August, 14
If I could give ZERO stars I would. And this review is strictly for their WEBSITE!!! I live 45 minutes away from the theater, so I go online to order tickets for tomorrow. I enter my rewards info, choose number of tickets, choose seating, and then choose “use credit card.” Then, I hit “NEXT.” NOTHING HAPPENS. I tried 5 to 10 times, logging out, logging in, etc. I call the theater. The employee said I have to use the site or come in to buy tickets and they can’t do it over the phone. I told him the website isn’t working and I live 45 minutes away. I wanted to choose good seats by purchasing tickets on their site. He said he doesn’t use the site so can’t help. I go back and try again. Nothing. I call again and talk to another person. Same story. He finally said it’s a “known issue.” ARGGHHHH.

Kell P Kell P
Shared publicly - August, 14
This was my first time here, I was really impressed by the neat , clean, well kept theater. Staff was friendly. And helpful. Prices were great. I fully expected them to be outrageous. Will visit again.

Randal j Rhoades jr Randal j Rhoades jr
Shared publicly - August, 16
I gave them a 3 star because they should of put in reclining chairs like the one off olive and 46th st had done, but other than that they were pretty good. The bathrooms could of been cleaner but not to bad of place

Kyle Davis Kyle Davis
Shared publicly - September, 6
Staff wasn’t great - they were not helpful at all. The ticket guy was very rude, then the people that sell popcorn weren’t great either. Asked for a water cup in addition to my drink and popcorn and they asked me what it was for… mind your business nose rings. Theater was full of angsty teens more interested in looking at their phones than watching a movie. Wouldn’t recommend and wouldn’t go back.

Geoff Williams (Angel_Eyez) Geoff Williams (Angel_Eyez)
Shared publicly - July, 15
Nice, clean, big building. Nice set up, sits at the back of the mall, more privacy and easier to get in and out to your car. Great curved screens and sound.

Pam Benton Pam Benton
Shared publicly - August, 14
Very uncomfortable seats. would be nice to have the reclining chairs. Prices are pretty high. The young man at the snack bar was very nice though.

Lori Carter Lori Carter
Shared publicly - August, 14
While it's newer than Rogers Towne Cinema, RTC has been updated with reclining seats. From now on we'll go to RTC or Skylight. Once spoiled by the right seats we'll never go back to the previous garbage. Let us know when you remodel.

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