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Address: 1365 N Dupont Hwy Ste 2000, Dover, DE 19901, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-736-0974

Website: https://l.macys.com/dover-de?y_source=1_NjkyOTczLTcxNS1sb2NhdGlvbi53ZWJzaXRl

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Damien Ward Damien Ward
Shared publicly - March, 6
We were at the mall shopping for comforters and wasn't having much luck with the other big box stores,so we tried to go to Macy's. The entrance from inside the mall said to use the outside entrance. After going all the way around the mall, inside and out, we found the only open doors. It looked to be setup for private shopping as there was a desk with a greeter right inside. Turns out that Macy's no longer had in store shopping and wanted everyone to go online to shop. They did have about 10 racks of discounted items which were still very expensive.

John Ahrem John Ahrem
Shared publicly - August, 3
My wife really likes there clothes . She talks about their high quality ....

Sue-Brown Henry Sue-Brown Henry
Shared publicly - September, 2
I ordered online, was notified when my order came in. I went in, at first I didn't see anyone, but I asked if anyone was there, I heard, "I'll be right there.". She scanned my email code got my packages, two inexpensive comforters I love, she even helped by making a handle of the bags and I was out of there. I don't think it took even 15 minutes. She was pleasant, helpful adding to the experienced. I wish I had gotten her name.

Marie Bartkowski Marie Bartkowski
Shared publicly - June, 4
For just a pickup and return center, there isn't too much that good go wrong. Quick return service, but I sure miss the whole shopping experience.

Deborah Wirth Deborah Wirth
Shared publicly - April, 5
Nice store didn't find the shoes but found good tops to match some shorts I bought on line.

Brandon White Brandon White
Shared publicly - June, 4
Store is barely a store, only a fulfillment center, can't look at anything before buying online

Michaelene Hester Michaelene Hester
Shared publicly - August, 12
No longer a brick and mortar store. All you can do is return or pick up merchandise. Now used as a distribution center. Very sad.

Barbara Green Barbara Green
Shared publicly - April, 5
Unhappy virus caused closing of stores. prefer seeing merchandise before buying and hate serv e of returns now.

Humaira Yusuf Humaira Yusuf
Shared publicly - January, 5
It's not a full fledged Macy's store any more. You can only pickup or return your ordered items. Stuff is good and polite and helpful.

Katie Woolridge Katie Woolridge
Shared publicly - July, 4
Got your signals wrong. I drove by Macy's, it has been closed for quite some time.

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