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Legend Pizza & Grill

Legend Pizza & Grill

Address: 923 N Dupont Blvd, Milford, DE 19963, USA


Website: https://legendpizzade.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Jason Pennington Jason Pennington
Shared publicly - October, 6
First time ordering with this place and can I just say amazing customer service from Robert the delivery driver. Also the food was amazing no pizza place makes my food right around here!

Linda Cautillo Linda Cautillo
Shared publicly - October, 22
I gave multiple chances for them to get my order right. Let alone the same to make the food even a little bit good. My husband ordered a Stromboli and they brought a calzone. This is our last order anyway. I got a blt hoagie, I got one piece of lettuce and two tomatoe slices in half a a piece of bacon on each side. And every time we ordered hoagie and steaks before, we would order Xtra Xtra meat... never even got the toppings on top of that right either. Will never get anything else here. Not even a soda. Sorry, but my neighbors said there orders were never right either. So none of Will patronage here again.

Ricardo Ramirez Ricardo Ramirez
Shared publicly - November, 25
Great food we got cheese stakes and was great.

Jim Josh Green Jim Josh Green
Shared publicly - January, 30
So happy to have finally found good pizza in Delaware. We're transplants from Boston and have been so sad that NY-style pizza doesn't exist down here, as it's our fave from back home. Legend Pizza was recently recommended to us and I'm so happy we tried it. This is real pizza. Excellent, crispy but still chewy crust, perfect sauce to cheese ratio, not greasy, ingredients didn't seem cheap, nice hint of oregano that I really appreciated. I didn't feel gross after eating it, even after four slices of a large pie. Also the space itself was solid...

Kim Jefferson Kim Jefferson
Shared publicly - July, 11
Bad experience, on more than one occasion. Some of the staff is inappropriate. Their pizza is good.. that is the only thing they have going for them. I ordered salad on one occasion, and I swear they put all their garbage lettuce in it. Very disappointing!!!!

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