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Krishna Village

Krishna Village

Address: 3465 Wrangle Hill Rd, Bear, DE 19701, USA


Website: https://krishnavillage.wixsite.com/krishnavillage

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Laxmi Das Laxmi Das
Shared publicly - January, 17
Hare Krishna!!!! I loved it!! It was my first time but felt as it was not. So peaceful ud83dude0c

Claudia Colley Claudia Colley
Shared publicly - January, 4
Amazing and peaceful place

Belkis Celis Belkis Celis
Shared publicly - January, 30
Visited this place in connection with Krishnastami. Very nice arrangements

Shared publicly - August, 27
We loved their arrangements. Plays and cultural dances were conducted on Janmashtami, Prasadam/ Food was good in the late evening.

Smita Roy Smita Roy
Shared publicly - March, 25
Peace. I love to go because I feel so much relaxed, happy, and peace.

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