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Kibbs BBQ

Kibbs BBQ

Address: 1102 E Harrison St, Stuttgart, AR 72160, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 870-673-2072

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Road Wanderer Road Wanderer
Shared publicly - August, 15
Tried two different sandwiches here. A bbq beef and a fried bologna. Both were actually pretty good. What was different was that I finally tried the hot bbq sauce. I will admit that I didn't think Arkansas could have a really hot bbq sauce. I was wrong, but it didn't take away from the flavor of the sandwich. Just have a drink handy. I'll stick with the regular sauce from now on.

John Murray John Murray
Shared publicly - September, 7
Wasn't impressed but I'm picky about my BBQ as I make my own sauce and grill/ smoke my own meat but as far as a quick bite to eat place is better than mc Donald's but that ain't saying much

Anthony Midgett Anthony Midgett
Shared publicly - March, 18
Good BBQ soul food. I personally don't like baked beans very much and I liked the beans they were fantastic.

john doe john doe
Shared publicly - September, 14
I had beef and pork half pound each with spicy sauce. Tried both w/o sauce 1st. Very good. Not too much smoke just perfect. Could ate that way and would of been perfect. But the sauce with it made it divine. Nice to know there still small places doing it right. Keep up the goodness....

Dreadhead Trucker Dreadhead Trucker
Shared publicly - September, 15
Here now food is good nice cute waitress I'm coming bak on my next load down here

Kylee Patang Kylee Patang
Shared publicly - September, 15
Oh that is goooooooood! Smoked BBQ Pork is awesome!

Shared publicly - July, 16
They were not open at 3 in the afternoon. Website said they were open.

De-Mario Hogan De-Mario Hogan
Shared publicly - September, 14
The food is ok but the customer service is horrible... There is a lady that answer with such a attitude. Take her off the phone and the business will improve

Tim H Tim H
Shared publicly - September, 15
The cook/server/manager was so tied up with other tasks that it took 15 minutes to get a refill. If it's a serve yourself environment, they should make drinks and condiments readily available. In the food service industry, food is #1 and service is #2. The food is good, nothing to shake a stick at. However, given its a small town I can see there being no need to really strive for excellence when you're one of two BBQ establishments. Service is their downfall. Endstate - Good food, poor service.

Dwightyoq Herroion Dwightyoq Herroion
Shared publicly - September, 15
Great barbeque sandwiches. Well seasoned fries with your choice of their secret sauce or not. I haven't been there in a while. It's due time that I make another visitation. Lol... You won't be disappointed. Great food service.

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