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KeyMe Locksmiths

Address: 2203 S Promenade Blvd Suite 20210, Rogers, AR 72758, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 479-777-2799

Website: https://www.key.me/kiosks/arkansas/rogers/rogers/copy-keys-rogers-ar

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Wade Blakey Wade Blakey
Shared publicly - July, 15
A prominently displayed Key machine in Bed Bath and Beyond caught my attention as I needed a copy of a key. The process was simple and the key copies I made worked perfectly. Satisfied my need and I would recommend these machines.

Sandra McKain Sandra McKain
Shared publicly - January, 16
We recently misplaced a car key we only had one copy of. I did find it and immediately started shopping around for locksmiths to make a copy. One company quoted me $150 for just a key! No key fob. During Christmas shopping I saw this kiosk in a bed bath and beyond. I got a new key made for a fraction of the cost and it arrived at my house via mail fairly quickly. Thank you!!!

Karen Slater Karen Slater
Shared publicly - March, 17
This worked great!n I ordered cool Star Wars keys so my boys would know what key was to the door! lol They loved them!

Jasmine Nile Jasmine Nile
Shared publicly - September, 13
I was just trying to find the local locksmith closest to me. However, when you call this number, you go through a call center and they are essentially a middle man. You will get a call back from a local company. I didn't trust that situation because I wasn't even sure if a locksmith was what I needed and the person on the other end of the line couldn't tell me. I ended up calling a different company to get my answer and felt bad afterwards because apparently the locksmith that returned my call got charged $ just for the referral from KeyMe and I didn't even need him. Don't bother with going this route. Just call the locksmith you want.

Annika Ringle Annika Ringle
Shared publicly - September, 14
Just a bunch of automated voices and then tells you there is no business in Fayetteville AR area.

Sibele Braga Sibele Braga
Shared publicly - September, 13
Such lovely people never bothered to call back!

Kylee Patang Kylee Patang
Shared publicly - September, 13
What's not to like ? I got a key made.. whoopi

Josh Lambert Josh Lambert
Shared publicly - September, 13
Very fast and helpful!

Angel Vizcarrondo Carmenaty Angel Vizcarrondo Carmenaty
Shared publicly - September, 14
key worked just follow the direction

bougee rainbow bougee rainbow
Shared publicly - September, 13
Nice and friendly

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