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Kendalwood Road Park

Kendalwood Road Park

Address: 26501 Kendalwood Rd, Baton Rouge, LA 70817, USA


Website: http://www.brec.org/index.cfm/park/Kendalwood

City: Louisiana

Country: United States

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Henri Gang Henri Gang
Shared publicly - January, 31
Came here for the BREC conservation walk. Nice peaceful trail.

Joshua Mathews Joshua Mathews
Shared publicly - July, 7
I always enjoy going on walks through the forest. Beautiful place with plenty of interesting wildlife and plants. Be careful though, banana spiders like to build their webs over the trail. I ran into a couple and had them crawling up and down my back. Other sights include deer, snakes, and weird mushrooms.

Lesh 1390 Lesh 1390
Shared publicly - June, 29
I loved it here I'm so happy they started This walking trail use to live down there. My kids enjoyed it so much

Ronald Beteta Ronald Beteta
Shared publicly - October, 4
Small 1.5mi trail loop that's an easy walk/run. Cleared tracks

Neil Smith Neil Smith
Shared publicly - April, 12
The trail stays flooded long after it rains and there's an insane amount of giant spiders on the ground and webs across the trail. I don't mind the woods or spiders but I didn't like stopping because they were literally everywhere. There were tons of crawfish holes on the trail which tells me it's often wet. And like others said, it's easy to lose the trail in a few places. I went around once and then ended up finishing my run on the road instead. It could be a good trail when it's dry and if it was used more.

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