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Address: 4255 Norfolk Pkwy, West Melbourne, FL 32904, USA


Website: http://www.imax.com/

City: Florida

Country: United States

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Jordan Layton Jordan Layton
Shared publicly - September, 4
This is my regular IMAX I've been going to for about a year. On returning with limited capacity, it was like the theater had gone into disrepair. The IMAX screen was flickering, the sound was blown out so that I couldn't understand what characters were saying a lot of the time, and the blue IMAX light on the ride side of the theater was flickering randomly the whole movie.nnI meant to tell an employee about this but forgot to after the film (Tenet is that good). Might call them tomorrow to let them know.

ImagineKid Gaming ImagineKid Gaming
Shared publicly - August, 28
Theaters are nice and the employees were helpful and friendly. Bathrooms are always dirty and floor is always sticky and wet . Soda was very flat and popcorn is always very salty . Tickets are still high . Still placed ppl too close together .

mech mech
Shared publicly - January, 1
Great way to watch an action movie!

Jim Simons Jim Simons
Shared publicly - September, 9
OMG... Amazing place. We drove an hour to see Tenant in IMAX. Clean and sanitized well for what I could notice.

Scott Eddy Scott Eddy
Shared publicly - September, 18
Love this place ud83dudc93 great people and they clean good

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