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Hospice of Frederick County

Hospice of Frederick County

Address: 516 Trail Ave, Frederick, MD 21701, USA


Website: http://www.hospiceoffrederick.org/

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Michele P Michele P
Shared publicly - March, 26
My grandmother has been under the care of Frederick Hospice, and the family has been nothing but overwhelmed by the wonderful care we have all received. The staff have all been compassionate, kind, and focused on the comfort of not only her, but the family surrounding her. We even received the amazing experience of music therapy with Georgia. I will forever remember sitting with my grandmother, mom, sister, and aunt; listening to Georgia sing and play the guitar, taking us to places in our hearts and minds.nnWe cannot say enough about Hospice and the support they are providing to us all; more than we could have imagined. Thank you for letting us be apart of my grandmothers journey, and caring for us all.

Bobbi Mead Bobbi Mead
Shared publicly - March, 24
Being an advocate for hospice for a long time It is very upsetting to give Frederick County a poor Review. During the 10 days of my mother’s decline and ultimate death I felt isolated and uninformed. The highlight of my mother’s last 10 days wasnaccidentally arriving at moms care facility while Georgia was singing and playing guitar. It was so beautiful and the music and words she spoke were more helpful than anything anyone had said. I would like to have spent more time with her but had no idea she was coming. Communication with staff was awful and was always initiated by me. The communication note book left in the room and explained on the first day was never updated or used by anyone but me. The bed that was provided by hospice did not have brakes on the bottom two wheels so when my mom was moved or changed the bed would move. Not safe for her or her caregivers. The nurses were aware of this but the problem was not corrected. I never received any phone calls or updates when a visit had been made. I was told by the social worker that there would be ongoing support, during and after moms death, it has been 3 weeks since she passed and noone has contacted me. I was also left to make my own arrangements and phone calls to get her cremated. All in all I am heartsick to write this review but I felt the communication and follow thru are desperately lacking.

Shared publicly - February, 25
Hospice was required when I brought my parent home from the hospital. I was not happy with my experience with them. When my other parent was in need of possible hospice, I told the nurse that I did not want to deal with Frederick County hospice and was it possible to go out of the county and they said yes. Do not leave a hospice caregiver alone with your loved one. Be in the same room at all times. My advice...

Dinesh Pachai Dinesh Pachai
Shared publicly - April, 17

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