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Holly Hall

Holly Hall

Address: 259 S Bridge St, Elkton, MD 21921, USA


City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Randall Caldwell Randall Caldwell
Shared publicly - November, 27
This could become a great displaced/homeless shelter.

Samantha Mendoza-Gann Samantha Mendoza-Gann
Shared publicly - January, 11
This place is boarded up. No way to get inside (that is legal). Sad to see a historical site in that shape.

sh4rkbyt3 sh4rkbyt3
Shared publicly - October, 28
Sadly, Elkton needs to either do something with this building (refurbishing) or just tear it down once and for all.nIt's been neglected for decades and become nothing more than an eyesore at this point. I'd rather see it refurbished but it really serves no purpose anymore.

Shared publicly - November, 29
Kool historic building. Played in it as a kid. Was part of the underground railroad & even has a secret tunnel from its basement that runs under route 40

Ayesha Shaban Ayesha Shaban
Shared publicly - September, 21
Shame what has happened to this place.

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