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Hindu Temple of Greater Wichita

Hindu Temple of Greater Wichita

Address: 320 N Zelta St, Wichita, KS 67206, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 316-684-1556

Website: http://www.htgw.org/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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goutham krothapalli goutham krothapalli
Shared publicly - September, 23
This is the place where we can see all the gods at a same place

Abhishek Shende Abhishek Shende
Shared publicly - August, 24
Hard to find temples in other countries. So bless to have it in your city and feel yourself when you can meet people from your origin and enjoy events together.

Priya Thomas Priya Thomas
Shared publicly - June, 25
I had unpleasant experience with staff. If some one would have crashed in my state Michigan and their husband was on life support. We would have opened our 6 bedroom house to them to sleep give them some comfort. Pick them up once a while gave them some strength. Unfortunately director of temple refused to do any of that. my husband died in Kansas after fighting for one month in hospital. I was in 1000 miles away staying in waiting room watching my husband die. No help was offered not even a phone call . Mr. Ram the priest is a nice guy atleast he felt sorry for me and gave me directors number. All I was asking for a place to take shower. I was thinking I can talk to someone in my community.when you away from your homeland your people are there to help you. When I told him my last name was Thomas made a huge deal. I don’t know what was a reson but I was sent away with no comforting words . 😭

Vaidehi Phase Vaidehi Phase
Shared publicly - July, 25
Holistic place. Very clean but not quite because of kids. I think the family should take care of kids if someone is praying in temple.

Sriram Srinivasan Sriram Srinivasan
Shared publicly - August, 24
The Hindu temple is extremely quiet and peaceful. Neatly maintained. However, the priest makes it an unpleasant exprerience for some people. I'm speaking from my experience only. (a) When devotees come to the temple for a special event, he singles out the sponsors and give the prasad to them. It feels like everyone else is being ignored. He doesn't treat people fairly. (b) I can see subtle discrimination from the priest against people who monetarily contribute a lot to the temple and have been living in Wichita for 20+ years (by treating them differently) than people who occasionally come to the temple. (c) The priest acts like we owe him a huge favor to perform the rituals (that we pay for) and doesn't accept donations by hand but rather ask us to put it on the plate.

Pratima Pathak Pratima Pathak
Shared publicly - March, 27
Great small place for worship. They have included most of the hindu Gods and hence anyone can feel like they belong there. Must visit if you are in town for prayers. The service they provide is also great.

New Sender New Sender
Shared publicly - September, 2
Stop driving through the residential neighborhood so fast, the people who attend this place have absolutely no respect for the surrounding neighborhood.

Maila Baje Maila Baje
Shared publicly - September, 23
The temple itself and general ambience is great. The biggest repellent is the bearded snotty priest who is very rude and unpunctual. He makes you feel that he is doing you a favor while performing the rituals (you pay for). Hindu community of Wichita deserves a more down to earth priest.

Anup Kumar Vishwakarma Anup Kumar Vishwakarma
Shared publicly - September, 23
I'm Anup Kumar from India. Is there any one who can show me the temple live on whatsApp? My no is +918825289435.

Raju Kalidindi Raju Kalidindi
Shared publicly - September, 23
Nice Hindu Temple in Wichita . Have been visiting for the past 7 years

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