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Hialeah Station

Hialeah Station

Address: 115 E 21st St, Hialeah, FL 33010, USA


City: Florida

Country: United States

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By Si By Si
Shared publicly - December, 13
Is rare if the bathroom is open to public, Elevator constantly breaks down, badly see a clean lady clean the elevator, the repeaty noise is so annoying, that even security have to stay way from the repeaty noisy, badly understand the computer language barrier, I wonder how many people need to buy pills for the headache, I wish schedules can be more in the morning, people still works in the morning.

Ayameyxii 88 Ayameyxii 88
Shared publicly - September, 20
The Officers at this station abuse their authority. They are HEARTHLESS, needed to usethe Restroom and I ended up calling the Commissioners Office. Had to pay $2:25 to use the RESTROOM. How is it that the Bus, Metro mover, and Metrorail are all connected together, but at this station they will not let you use the RR only if you pay to enter. This is inhumane , the closes RR is about 1/2 a mile. They need to change their SOP...BEWARE!! of Security Guard. JASPE... I wish I could give them a zero instead of a one... ud83dude24ud83dudc4e

Nadine Elisma Nadine Elisma
Shared publicly - June, 17
Very clean place ,officers are helpful ,thanks

Michael Reyes Michael Reyes
Shared publicly - February, 11
Got a free all-day pass by someone who got off here. It was nice.

Shared publicly - January, 14
Personal Protection Officer are very professionals and coutesious, very protective as well!!

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