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Hertz Car Rental - Dover - South Dupont Highway HLE

Hertz Car Rental - Dover - South Dupont Highway HLE

Address: 1679 S Dupont Hwy SUITE 17, Dover, DE 19901, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-678-0700

Website: https://www.hertz.com/rentacar/location/unitedstates/delaware/dover/DOVC11?utm_campaign=gmb-Dover-South-Dupont-Highway-HLE&utm_medium=gmb-websitelink&utm_source=Google

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Rose Redman Rose Redman
Shared publicly - April, 5
Zero Stars! The review forced me to choose 1. I reserved a sedan for personal trip out of town with another vendor, but then I noticed I was able to save money with Hertz, so I canceled my reservation and booked with Hertz. I reserved the vehicle on 3/23 and received the confirmation immediately. I show up on 3/25 at 8:30, the date and time my rental was to start. The man behind the counter says "We just tried to call you (they didn't), because we do not have a vehicle for you." I said I have a confirmation number, he replied "We still do not have a vehicle for you and we might have one at 10:30, but no guarantee, it depends on vehicle returns." Again, I mention I have a confirmation number and tried to show him, he wouldn't even look and he replied with I still don't have a vehicle for you. I let him know this was very poor business practice. He didn't seem to care, nor did the other three employees who were there. I left and went to Enterprise, where I had my original reservation, even though I had cancelled my reservation, they were able to put me in a sedan and had me on my way in 15 minutes. They were also able to provide me with a discount, so I only paid $15 more than I would have with Hertz on such short notice! I will never reserve a vehicle with Hertz again and I have input on who we rent from at my place of employment and I will be sure our business does not rent from them either and we rent from Enterprise. Terrible customer service and poor business practices.

Karen Abbott Karen Abbott
Shared publicly - July, 4
Absolutely amazing staff. Cleo and Noah both went above and beyond to help me resolve an issue. Prices are fair and vehicles well maintained. Their excellent customer service can't be beat.

Katherine Yo Katherine Yo
Shared publicly - June, 4
Would leave no stars but guess one it is. Reserved a car and went in to get it.. a total waste of time!! If I used my debit that said it would be a "soft" credit check and a $500 hold which wasn't stated anywhere (they claim online, bs) ok so we proceeded. They ran a check and came back declined. I was so shocked. She couldn't explain why when I have a 707. I guess they don't cater to us poor folks. Is how I took it. Went to Enterprise which I always go with and don't ever have this problem... we were out in 5 minutes with a nice 2021 Toyota Camry! That car is sexy. I was in a time crunch and Hertz popped up first so went there.. huge mistake!! Never going there or cheating On Enterprise ever again!!! Would never recommend Hertz.. ever. Especially us poor folks. IMO How they made me feel!!

Zachary Scherry Zachary Scherry
Shared publicly - August, 26
Made a reservation with the Hertz location in Baltimore, MD because we needed a car to get home from the airport. Arrived at the airport around 1100 in the morning and we were planning on returning it that same day to this Dover location once we had access to our own car at home. But becaude Baltimore is 2 hours away from Dover, and having to deal with traffic, we weren't able to return the vehicle because this location closes at noon apparently! So we were forced to hold onto it for another 2 days until we finally got to return it today which of course meant we were going to get charged extra. And when we made the reservation with the return info, none was provided that we wouldn't be able to return the vehicle until Monday. This location does not understand the concept that sometimes people are using rentals to get home from airports. I'm not happy I had to keep the car an extra 2 days and get charged for it because my flight arrived at a time Hertz was going to be closed upon arrival to Dover. This Hertz location needs to fix this hours to be more accomodating.

Dwight Dwight
Shared publicly - July, 4
This is the best car rental place in Dover. They always take care of my needs and they provide great customer service. Cars are ready on time and clean.

Bunk Shaner Bunk Shaner
Shared publicly - September, 3
Rented a Yukon XL (extended) for our past two vacations through Hertz and they have been great. This vehicle was perfect for a long trip with a large family. The area mgr Steve really went out if his way to accommodate my needs. I highly recommend them

Katherine Owens Katherine Owens
Shared publicly - September, 2
Service was 5 stars -- the overall parking and check-in set up can definitely be improved. I had very unexpected emergency car repairs and had to find a rental in the middle of the day on a Friday afternoon with enough room for me and my two young kids (and car seats). After explaining my situation to the team members, they went out of their way to make sure I had something I could drive home that afternoon and gave me a great rate. Staff extremely professional and courteous despite rude customers. Definitely recommend.

Brian L Brian L
Shared publicly - September, 2
Excuse the length but I must share that I rented here starting in october with no issues several times. I have attempted to rent here several times since November 2019 and this location has gone down hill. They had no cars when I went in after making my reservation. I went to enterprise to rent my car for 2 weeks. Seeing that reservations mean nothing, I walked in and asked if they have any rentals before i go through all the steps to complete a reservation. The new person walks off and asks the lady in charge. I do not know if the lady in charge said loud enough for me to hear but everyone did: "tell him we don't have any cars, especially for walkins" not sure what that meant. Off to enterprise again. January I tried to rent a car for two weeks. I made my reservation after driving there the night before and counting 19 vehicles on their lot. When I got there at opening I was told the size I requested was not available. I asked what do you have. I was told 2 cars. They offered a two door chevy spark car several class sizes down for the same price as my reservation. I said there was no way we could all fit in it. She said no problem Would I like the SUV instead since that was the only other vehicle. I said fine. She said the weekly rental fee would be over 2 times what I had reserved at. I told her no thank you. I went to enterprise again for a two week rental. Now I need another rental so back to hertz. This time I made my reservation in advance for a Saturday pickup at 10am. Friday night I counted 24 rental vehicles parked in their lot. Looks good. I return my rental to enterprise then got dropped off at hertz saturday morning. I walk in at 930am to chaos. 9 people waiting and yelling at the 1 lone person scheduled for the entire day. Everyone waiting for a car. I quietly wait. At 1045am she finally gets to me and I am asked what I want. I give my reservation info. She says sorry we have no cars. Everyone waiting behind me start yelling at her again and then leave since they cannot get a rental. I asked what about all the cars in their lot. It turns out they are all damaged or recalled. They have cars coming back today. I said ok I will wait. A man and woman come in at 11am and said their insurance company made them a reservation friday. By now I am the only person in the office waiting for a car because everyone else has left. The lady said we don't have any cars. I even explained to the couple it is not her fault, their system overbooked the location hoping she does not get yelled at again. We both wait for a vehicle. One comes back. She then rents it to the couple. The lady then said there are more cars coming soon. I said ok, I have already cancelled my meeting. 2 ladies walk in and said their insurance company just made a reservation. They are told there are no cars. One of the locations runner comes in with keys and said there is a car now ready. So I am thinking finally after 2 hours and 15 minutes I am getting something. No, she calls the 2 ladies over and rents it to them--Another insurance company rental. We are the only people there, the seats are directly in front of her desk in plain view. After they leave, she looks at me and says she is going to call the 2 people that have not returned cars today. The first one extends it. The second one does not answer. Meanwhile I call enterprise and reserve a car again. Enterprise calls me back while I am waiting and said aren't you the guy who just returned a car. I said yes, it is 12:15pm, I am still in the Hertz office since 930am, they are the preferred rental I am to use, they still do not have a car for me and they are closing for the day. Enterprise said come over and we will have a car for you. As I was leaving I told the lady I will be back again next week to try again and if they have no cars could they call me. All she said was sorry as she locked the door and I had to pay for uber. Please call customers so they do not waste their entire day. PS. I dont have any hertz discounts I have been trying to use. Just making a regular rental.

Ryann Eurich Ryann Eurich
Shared publicly - June, 4
Very helpful, provided the perfect rental for our needs.

Lauren Wray Lauren Wray
Shared publicly - July, 4
Had the worst experience here. The employees were friendly but nothing about the service provided was professional, timely, or even clean. I highly suggest everyone stay away from this business.

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