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Haven Underground

Haven Underground

Address: 1232 N King St, Wilmington, DE 19801, USA


City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Kurt Randazzo Kurt Randazzo
Shared publicly - February, 14
It was a very odd experience, went for the silent rave/party. Instead of speakers everyone had headphones. There were just a few people there. The place is hard to find, the entrance is not off of King but on the side street.

Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio Dynamic Mobile Detailing & Audio
Shared publicly - February, 8
Not at all what I expected. A group of us went for a super bowl party. Prior to me ordering the tickets I called the establishment to ask a few questions. They assured me it was going to be filled with people, good food, and a stocked bar. When we arrived it took us about 5 minutes to actually find the place. It's towards the back of what looks like an apartment building. The friendly staff helped us into the area. As we walked on a slope down towards a small bar we noticed multiple empty liquor bottles on the shelf and the staff told us they only had 1 beer, a IPA.This makes most home bars look fully stocked in comparison. We grabbed 3 beers (one wasn't cold and we were offered ice for it) Mind you this is 15 minutes before kickoff. We then turned into the main area, where a small 720P (minimal HD resolution) was projecting the wall from a laptop. The image was very grainy with low resolution you would find on an old tube TV with the audio being provided through the projector being hard to hear. We sat and tried to warm up with a massive floor heater running. At this point we watched the pre game buffer and freeze multiple times. Internet issue or not when it's this big of a game The food hadn't arrived yet and we left. Going back home was a much better option. I contacted the company for a refund and they basically said good luck. Going through my bank now to try and get it worked out. Not a good place for any event IMO.

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