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HANWA Hindu Temple

HANWA Hindu Temple

Address: 2502 SW Regional Airport Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72713, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 479-464-8600

Website: http://nwahindutemple.org/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Badam Ramesh Badam Ramesh
Shared publicly - March, 9
Temple is vey clean place and calm. Pleasant atmosphere. World’s 1st Bhagvatgeetha Sthoopam is at this Temple which is unique. Appreciate the thought by priest. Parking place is one of the issue at temple during festive seasons but it is going to resolve soon as they are going to expand the temple parking place. We can also donate for the same. Worth visit temple in Bentonvillie NWA

sid ch (Sid) sid ch (Sid)
Shared publicly - August, 6
Temple is ver well maintained.Good place for positive energy and inner peace.Many Hindu religious events take place regularly .Priest is very nice and perform all the rituals properly and involves devotees to recite mantras.

M Santhanam M Santhanam
Shared publicly - May, 8
Very nice and good atmosphere. Indians near this temple are frequently visiting for all festivals

ashok reddy male ashok reddy male
Shared publicly - August, 6
The first Gita stupa is here and you will Find beautiful very big lord Krishna statue in the center of the Gita stupa πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ They celebrate all festivals πŸ™ The priest is very friendly and down to the earth One of my favorite events are annual anniversary celebrations and Ganesh visargan celebrations 🎊

Sowmya J Sowmya J
Shared publicly - March, 9
Has good parking lot. Temple is more like a hall with multiple good vigrahas, the priest perform special poojas upon request. There is always one volunteer at the cash desk, they help process donations, if one would like to donate for temple proceeds. They took me into their mailing list when I donated for the first time, I keep getting important updates on special days and poojas, which I find helpful.

Ramesh S Ramesh S
Shared publicly - August, 6
Currently only Hindu temple in NWA. I like to spend time here. The priest in the temple is very friendly. He explains about various Hindu puranas and stories and try to keep the crowd engaged. They celebrate almost all the Indian festivals. The Geeta Stupa here is claimed to be first in the world.

Nupur Goel Nupur Goel
Shared publicly - August, 7
Nice temple with peaceful environment all around... Priest is also good. We had prasad in the last that was too yummy

Shritha Upendram Shritha Upendram
Shared publicly - May, 8
Clean and awesome atmosphere and very delicious food

Santosh Kumar Santosh Kumar
Shared publicly - August, 6
Temple should have been opened in early hrs, not 10 am. In India none of the temples opened at this time. Please respect our culture. Hindu culture says, should complete sandya vandan after sun raise and perform pooja. Its NOT good to wait till 10 am to open the Temple. Please comment on my reply.

nikki williams nikki williams
Shared publicly - August, 7
I am so UNHAPPY with their hours!!!!! I've never seen any temple that opens for couple of hours. And the hours are so inconvenient!!!! I have to come either really late or really early & the drive is about 40mins!!! I went their this past week & the hours changed!!! I couldn't even go for my birthday!!!! 😠😠😠😠 it should be open 7a-9p & should be closed for afternoons from 1p-5p like normal temples in U.S.!!!

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