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Gulls Way campground

Gulls Way campground

Address: 107, Quail Ct, Dagsboro, DE 19939, United States


Website: https://www.gullsway.com/campground/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Amber Asimenios Amber Asimenios
Shared publicly - July, 31
Really nice clean camp ground. I'm more of a glamper then a camper but their camp grounds made it pretty easy. Pools, play grounds, walking paths and really friendly people throughout.

Tim Kehl Tim Kehl
Shared publicly - June, 1
Nice place to get away and relax for a while. Quiet and the people are super friendly!

Heather Reinhardt Heather Reinhardt
Shared publicly - April, 2
Family friendly campground. Fun events and bingo. Staff are friendly. Nice place to escape to. Conveniently located to DE and MD beaches.

Harry Dolbow Harry Dolbow
Shared publicly - July, 1
The non lifeguard, lifeguard at the pool was a tad bit rude Overall good experience

Corinne Corinne
Shared publicly - July, 31
Such a family friendly and wonderful campground! Only 10 min from Bethany beach, its perfect for us. Our grandparents have a camper down there permanently and I'm seriously considering retiring here. My aunt and a family friend have as well. Their boats are in the marina there which is a huge plus that its on site. They have a few pools, laundry areas, bath houses, game rooms, etc. I love it here! Edit to my original review: family still has a camper here after many many years. I have had family that retired here as well. Love it except for the woman who guards the back pool like a literal guard dog. What’s the phrase….a Karen? That’s her to a T. Evil woman. There was some old people in the pool, one woman on a raft with an electronic device (a kindle) my son got screamed at- actually screamed at- by this woman yelling at him not to jump (he hadn’t he was standing at the edge of the pool by the ladder) so not to get her kindle wet. Seriously? I get that it’s catered to retirees and all but guess what- my family pays just as much to stay here. It says no lifeguard on duty and has rules we gladly follow. But that psycho takes it upon herself to bark at every family that comes thru the door. She will follow every kid around that comes into the pool area. We get you are a gremlin and eat children for breakfast lady but geez let us enjoy our vacation. We aren’t breaking rules, we are trying to swim, what you do in a pool, not blow dry our hair. My mom and I got into an actual fight with this woman. And then 2 other families left with us and both said they felt the same way, they felt threatened and nervous being in there. If you so much as splash, she’ll scream at you. And the lady from the front desk must have been her bff bc she was fine with this woman growling at people all day like an animal. Guess what Karen? I’ll challenge you every time I’m there. You won’t tell my kids what to do and there is a way to talk to people that doesn’t involve foaming at the mouth! If you don’t believe me- bring your family back there if you have kids, even teenagers. I dare you to stand next to the pool and just THINK about jumping. You don’t even have to do it for her to attack you.

Alyssa Atchison Alyssa Atchison
Shared publicly - July, 1
Always a lovely relaxing time at Gullsway!

Jeremy Burnell Jeremy Burnell
Shared publicly - January, 2
Best priced campground at the beach for the summer. Great, family atmosphere and fun times are always had!

Beth Parsons Beth Parsons
Shared publicly - August, 31
We've had a place here for 5 seasons. We couldn't ask for better neighbors. There are 2 pools however they are only open 11am to 6pm. Although there is no "life guard" on duty there is a person at each pool that makes sure there is no food or drinks, (that's correct, not even plastic bottles of water) no jumping into the pool (literally you're not allowed to jump into the pool, you have to use the steps), and they close the pool right after labor day weekend even though a lot of people still come here until they turn the water off in October. There are other rules in the park that don't make much sense either. Don't get caught letting a 1 or 2 year old sitting on your lap while driving your golf cart or you may get pulled over by the golf cart police officer with red and blue lights. I'm sure there are worse places to have a seasonal sight. Just feel like it could be more enjoyable if it didn't feel like you were going to get in trouble over something little. There is a game room and coin operated laundry facilities (also only open til 6pm) and organized events by the owners on holidays and certain weekends. There is a marina right here with a ramp (of course you have to pay to use the ramp) or you can get a slip for an additional cost per season. Come check it out and talk to some of the campers to get additional feedback and make your own conclusion!

Robert Mahan Robert Mahan
Shared publicly - August, 30
This place is great, am so glad we are here, and everyone is so nice, 688 bonefish and planning on staying a long time, thank you!!!

KX250 Trail Rider KX250 Trail Rider
Shared publicly - August, 30
Nice place for the price. Would be nice if they had better WiFi and more activities.

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