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Greenwood Police Department

Greenwood Police Department

Address: 100 Market St, Greenwood, DE 19950, USA


Website: https://greenwood.delaware.gov/police-department-contact-form/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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sean kapfhammer sean kapfhammer
Shared publicly - July, 28
It's nice to know that Officer Thomas has such a crime free town that he has the time to pad his towns coffers with traffic ticket money by giving out tickets for using a cell phone while driving to a female with 2 kids in the car who was trying to get directions.nWhere I come from we are way to busy with homicides and drugs to worry about trivial matters. Must be nice.nDSP should really pull their statistics and see the percentages of tickets given to out of state residents compared with in state residents and residents of their town.

amanda coleman amanda coleman
Shared publicly - December, 23
I just want to say, I am so grateful for the Greenwood Police Department. Thank you all for what you do each and every day! :)

Jim Drover Jim Drover
Shared publicly - May, 18
This podunk town's police department sets up predatory speed traps on Rte 13 and 16 with the sole intent of generating revenue to fund the peckerwood cops that are employed in a town of chicken pluckers. No reduced speed warning proceed the change in speed and they sit in waiting where they can process your ticket in less than 10 minutes -- quicker than getting fast food. The only gun these two toothed rednecks will ever have a chance to use is their radar gun.

Dakota Panthers Dakota Panthers
Shared publicly - July, 16

Mystery _N Mystery _N
Shared publicly - February, 17

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