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Golden Glades Station

Golden Glades Station

Address: 16000 State Road 9, Miami, FL 33169, USA


Website: http://www.tri-rail.com/stations/golden-glades-station

City: Florida

Country: United States

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pablo sosa pablo sosa
Shared publicly - January, 25
No access to north side of tracks. Lots of businesses on that side but no way through. An overpass would make it possible. Very much needed

Jorge L Rivero Jorge L Rivero
Shared publicly - February, 21
The train just been here for 4 and 5 seconds, i been waiting for 30 minutes and thats it, the train let me and the security guys dont do nothing, then telln“The people waiting for the train, train not waiting for people”nIs disappointing, thats is service for people that use every single day the train! ud83dude16ud83dude16ud83dude16

Matthew Leonard Matthew Leonard
Shared publicly - May, 31
I'm just looking at the aerial photo (I've never been here in person), so maybe someone can correct me here. But I see a lot of apartments nearby to the south with no easy way for residents to get to/from this station on foot. I also see a large industrial area to the north and west, with no way for workers to get to to/from this station on foot. This seems like terrible planning if you ask me.

Marvin Ramsey Jr. Marvin Ramsey Jr.
Shared publicly - January, 3
Takes about a good 3 minutes to get over to the platform. Can't fight how it was constructed I guess. But the real complaint is the security on the platform in the mornings. Female officer for no actual reason tries to enforce her authority to people that are already abiding by it. She doesn't hesitate to put her hands on her weapon when she talks to you. Very rude. Rarely a helpful person there.

Joya Crawford Joya Crawford
Shared publicly - July, 15
African American Security Officer with puff is rude & unprofessional. Gives attitude for no reason and doesnt like to help others when it comes to questions or concerns. Was trying to ask a question and got ignored, rolls her eyes and starts making a phone call while standing a foot away from me. If i had any security issues how would i even be able to get assistance from someone who doesnt want to be bothered?

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