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Georgia State Marta Station

Georgia State Marta Station

Address: 170 Piedmont Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30303, USA


Website: https://martaguide.com/2013/06/26/georgia-state-marta-station/

City: Georgia

Country: United States

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Priscilla A. Gonzalez Priscilla A. Gonzalez
Shared publicly - March, 22
Well we definitely saved a lot of money using the train to get to the airport. An uber ride from the airport to downtown Atlanta cost us around $30 when we arrived.nnWe were looking or cabs when someone suggested we take the train. Now, I will warn you, it smells BAD! if you take the elevator down it WILL reek of urine and they have signs telling you NOT to urinate in the elevators.nnThe train station is located below the bus station, which made it difficult for us to find. We asked a nice gentleman and he helped us. He was obviously homeless but was very kind and walked with us to the station.nnWhen purchasing your ticket, buy them separately, we made the mistake of buying all three tickets at once and ended up buying two more. It's one card per person.

Dr Bubu Dr Bubu
Shared publicly - June, 13
Trains come regularly. Besides AC this station had a huge fan. I would not say it was clean. It was tidy, which is different. The train rocks quite a bit.

Jenny Guadalupe-Reecy Jenny Guadalupe-Reecy
Shared publicly - August, 9
7:30 AM gets me to work on time. 4:45- 5:00PM gets me home. Stations and cars are clean and staff is great. If anyone here is complaining further, you have crazy high expectations. You do know you live in Georgia, right?

Ren Ren
Shared publicly - July, 21
Loved the air conditioning but I had to cram into the bus I had to wait a very long time to get on the train but there were police who directed us to where we needed to go so overall I give it four stars

Angela Panama Angela Panama
Shared publicly - September, 9
Marta is smarta, especially when u have to be somewhere during rush hour. But the return ride home in the evening is sooooooo slow. Might need to call Uber.

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