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George V. Kirk Middle School

George V. Kirk Middle School

Address: 140 Brennen Dr, Newark, DE 19713, USA


Website: http://www.kirkms.org/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Merciless Merciless
Shared publicly - February, 26
The teachers are bad so is the students. Also the school feels like a prison because they dont care about us and the food is trash. And we can barely breathe. Also they dont teach students ti be respectful.

Madelyn Cordero Madelyn Cordero
Shared publicly - September, 11
This school is awful!!! Staffs and (SOME) teachers have attitudes, I'm amazed of how many principals they go thru in a year, they have a strict uniform policy but don't provide a catalog for parents to order from... so your child has to freeze there butts off because they have to take off whatever they have on to me is ridiculous, they should focus on making the school a better place then worry about a damn!!! Uniform, my child has been going to Kirk for the past 2 years and there has been several issues..... oh and I forgot to mention how the gym teachers sit and roll around on chairs with wheels but want the kids to get fit ud83eudd14 How!!!!! Anyway can't wait for her to move to a better school!!!

Ashley Fong Ashley Fong
Shared publicly - October, 17
I love this school because it’s fun to learn and make new friends. I go to that school for 2 yearsud83dude0d

Shared publicly - August, 10
It is a big beautiful school and my son syed will be having a admission there next year and I hope every gets to explore the beauty of this school

Awais Ali Awais Ali
Shared publicly - May, 13
KMS alumni here ud83dude0f Terrible school at times but was sometimes fun , during the last weeks that is ud83dude02 Only ting that Grinded my gears was za uniforms dats pretty much it , so I guess u just gotta deal wit it during da rough times to get to da best times , fasho real sheet daz my ud83dudcaf for da day

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