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Gene's Floral Creations

Gene's Floral Creations

Address: 5310 Ritchie Hwy, Brooklyn Park, MD 21225, USA


Website: http://www.genesfloralcreations.com/

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Audrey Xydas Audrey Xydas
Shared publicly - November, 12
I wanted to order flowers for my friends Mom after her surgery and was having trouble ordering online from another florist so I thought I would shop local. Ms. Deborah answered the phone when I called and was very helpful, she assured me she would make a nice bouquet for me. Well, not knowing what I was paying for, and what they would look like I was a little worried. But when I saw them after the were delivered I was so pleased.nThey were breathtaking! Absolutely beautiful!nI can't thank you enough for all the help you gave me and making my friends Mom happy!nDeborah, you are the best!ud83cudf39

Shared publicly - March, 23
It is a small shop but seems to support the funeral home next door with beautiful arrangements. It was closed early in the day on Saturday when I went.nnI’m sure there are more but Cards on the display looked like they had been there a while. A beautiful edifice.

Uayvon Stallings-Berry Uayvon Stallings-Berry
Shared publicly - December, 5
The staff was very professional especially in my time of need. My Floral Arrangement arrived on time and it was beautiful. I will use this florist again.

Brittany Bell Brittany Bell
Shared publicly - May, 5
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SERVICE. Ordered flowers and was called about card not working. I told them I would come in the next business day to take care of it. Went there and the shop was closed. Went back after work and they said it was too late and that they could not complete the order that was due for delivery the next morning. I explained to them that I came earlier and they said it was not their fault their brother did not open up the shop. The place was dirty and smelled of dog the staff looked like they just rolled out of bed. I was disgusted and very upset when I left. I will NEVER recommend them to anyone !!

Iria Oriakhi Iria Oriakhi
Shared publicly - June, 16
They have wonderful customer service and they do wonderful work

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