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Garden Gate Nursery

Garden Gate Nursery

Address: 2406 NW 43rd St, Gainesville, FL 32606, USA


Website: http://www.gardengatenursery.net/

City: Florida

Country: United States

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Faith R. Faith R.
Shared publicly - March, 2
If you are a gardener and want to add plant material to your landscaping, you need to see Ash at Garden Gate. I've worked with him for years, and I've never lost a plant that he has recommended. His plant knowledge is vast, he always finds me exactly the right choices for my location and conditions, and he is so professional and courteous every time I talk with him. I must say that everyone I have worked with over the years is so friendly and helpful, but Ash's particular knowledge lends itself so well to building a very successful North Florida garden.nnGarden Gate is extremely well-stocked with the highest-quality plant material and accessory items as well as beautiful ceramics and metal art to accent your landscaping. The combination of Ash's knowledge plus the excellent selection of all-things gardening makes Garden Gate the only place I shop for plants. Highest recommendation.

Candy Calean Candy Calean
Shared publicly - March, 18
They have a large selection of plants year round. They had alot that came in last week that were already bought when I came back so take them when you see them. Most workers are very helpful. Very fair pricing and busy nursery.

Mr Cowart's Daughter Mr Cowart's Daughter
Shared publicly - April, 8
OMG, would you believe I have never been to this place. So looking for hot peppers. I have some, but want more. I absolutely love this place. Every one was very friendly. There are lots of plants. And dirt. The prices are comparable...Garden Gate Nursery has a new customer. Yes you can get a lot of the standard plants elsewhere but not Trinidad Scorpion or Ghost pepper plants. Im happy. ud83dude0a thumbs up!

Wendy Sheehan Wendy Sheehan
Shared publicly - March, 15
We are in the market for new shrubs and flowers for the front of our house. I called Garden Gate today to ask them if we brought up a picture of our house and our measurements if they would help us pick some flowers and shrubs that would work well in the small area. We want to pick out items that will work with our zone and our lighting. They flat out said no - they don't do that. In years past this nursery was a more broad gardening and I found them very helpful. I'm disappointed that I'll have to look elsewhere.

Rebekah Berndt Rebekah Berndt
Shared publicly - February, 12
I stopped by yesterday and I was quite pleased at the variety of plants that are available. I found what I was looking for...... But, the prices were ridiculous! I wanted to purchase multiple plants and they were quite pricey so I asked if they would give me a discount, the reply was, 'we never give discounts, if you can't afford it shop elsewhere', so I did! There is enough rudeness in this world, I don't need it when I'm trying to brighten my day with plants. I found the same plants at a fraction of the cost 1 mile away. I won't go back and I WON'T recommend!!

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