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Gainesville Floral Exchange

Gainesville Floral Exchange

Address: 635 NW 13th St C, Gainesville, FL 32601, USA


Website: http://gainesvillefloralexchange.net/

City: Florida

Country: United States

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Tiffany Stanley Richey Tiffany Stanley Richey
Shared publicly - February, 6
I've ordered flowers from this shop for many years and I've never been less than estatic!! They've always sent the best arrangements!

LaDonna Woods LaDonna Woods
Shared publicly - April, 6
Our wedding was 4-3-21. I requested 1 bouquet, 1 centerpiece, 3 Wristlette's and 4 boutonniere's. The 3 wristlette's and 4 boutonniere's were nice but the communication was awful. I originally selected the Floral Exchange because of the location. We rented a house in downtown Gainesville and were getting married at the Baughman Center. My bouquet was suppose to be happy with the same colors (as photo 1 with the same irregularity) but in roses. I sent photo 1 to the designer, Vanessa, over a month ago. She told me she could have the roses set out to open up like peony's with the same colors. I was thrilled this could be done. However, I do understand florists get photos all the time with requests, my aunt is a florist in Monticello Florida, so I hear the stories. but this is not one of them. I'm was well aware of the difference between roses and peony's and that the bouquet would not look identical but be very similar. Because we don't live in Gainesville we arrived early and decided to take the day and visit all our paid services. When we arrive at the Floral Exchange, I asked for Vanessa. A gentleman assisted us and told us she was out sick that day and maybe tomorrow as well. I got stressed because we were also informed that there were no notes of our order, only the invoice. So I sent him the photo of the bouquet, informing him Vanessa and I decided on using roses, allowing them to open, and look like peony's. He said he would take care of it, he's been in the business a long time and we wouldn't have anything to worry about. The second photo was what I recieved. My heart sank, I was walking up to the ceremony hall in my dress, about to walk down the aisle, and I have this deathly looking bouquet. It was nothing like the photo. I received no phone call from Vanessa about not being able to receive the right flowers. I'm not an unwilling customer. To get what I wanted for my special day, I would have driven around Gainesville to get the propriate flowers! We could've worked together on it through email, phone call, texted but instead I recieve this awful bouquet. I requested a refund for the bouquet and centerpiece just because the center peice was suppose to be identical with the bouquet and it wasn't.

James Early James Early
Shared publicly - January, 13
I ordered a floral arrangement for my Mother's birthday thru 800Flowers and the flowers were in poor condition. Additionally, a Mother's Day arrangement last year from the same Florist was just as poor.

Mariete Ebumbe Mariete Ebumbe
Shared publicly - February, 11
Great arrangements and the staff is amazing.

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