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Address: 6 Delaware Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-227-1921

Website: https://www.funlandrehoboth.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Melissa G Melissa G
Shared publicly - July, 2
I always enjoyed coming here as a kid. I now love being able to bring my son to enjoy those same rides and continue on a family tradition. Always a blast of fun at a reasonable price. We will be back again soon.

quiet poet quiet poet
Shared publicly - August, 1
There are plenty of ride for your young kids and teenagers to enjoy we paid $23 for unlimited rides from 1pm to 430pm. If the kids get hungry there are plenty of places to eat. Great place, our kids had a wonderful time.

Heather Wagner Heather Wagner
Shared publicly - August, 24
Kids absolutely love it!!! Game's are even fun for the adults, Our family comes every year for vacation and we don't regret it and we will never miss it... definitely recommend Funland on Rehoboth Beach boardwalk!!!

Patrick Deramo Patrick Deramo
Shared publicly - August, 24
I love this place when I was young. Now I get to experience it with my boys. The kids working the rides are super nice and helpful. I can't wait till next summer!

Meredith Holmes Meredith Holmes
Shared publicly - August, 3
Funland is always a great time! I love how reasonably priced the games have stayed over the years. My children always look forward to going and seeing how many prizes they can win!

Danielle Jackson Danielle Jackson
Shared publicly - August, 1
We usually love Funland which is why I gave 4 stars. On this trio however, we were not pleased. They closed the rides down over an hour early stating they weren't busy but there were a lot of people. Those of us were there would have liked to continue to ride rides and play games. Not the greatest service to close down really early when you have customers.

Matt Garland Matt Garland
Shared publicly - August, 1
You can tell that the owners put a premium on giving people a good experience and truly respect their guests. Funland has been around since 1962 and still going strong in 2022!

Mandy Welsch Mandy Welsch
Shared publicly - August, 1
Always a blast at Funland! Grew up coming here and now get to enjoying it with my own family! I love that it’s still ticket based, so you can go back and continue to use them throughout your time at the beach.

Stacy Evans Stacy Evans
Shared publicly - August, 1
We just came here to play games this trip, so I can't comment on the rides. They did seem very affordable compared to the boardwalks in South Jersey, however. I felt like there weren't many games for small children there. My kids are 3 and 6. My 6 year old can do a lot of them, but my 3 year old had almost no chance of winning. They still had a great time though! They enjoyed getting the small prizes, and most games cost $1-$2 a game. I like that you can trade up the small prizes for medium and so on, because then you don't end up with a bunch of tiny stuffed animals. The staff were friendly and helpful, and also very patient with the kids. Overall, we would visit again sometime in the future!

Jordan Mikesell Jordan Mikesell
Shared publicly - July, 2
Cool place on the boardwalk with rides for little kids. $15 will get you 25 tickets. Must rides are 2-6 tickets per kid. Some rides are under a roof, some are outside. It is a little loud and overstimulating, but that's true of any arcade/ride spot

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