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Address: 309 Port Penn Rd, Middletown, DE 19709, United States


Website: http://www.frightland.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Nikkita Jervey Nikkita Jervey
Shared publicly - November, 4
Lines, Lines and more Lines! the only reason they are getting one star is because their props and actors costumes are really nice. We went on Sat, Oct 23rd and from the line of cars to drive into the park, to the line to actually get into the park, and the line to use the bathroom, and the line to get your ticket (even if purchased online), and the line to get on the hayride... it was a total of FIVE HOURS before doing ANYTHING!!! the scares were ok... nothing to give you nightmares or at least have your voice gone in the morning. super disappointed because it was NOT worth the wait! as one of the three haunted attractions in DE and the only one in new castle county, I really hope they get better.

B conver B conver
Shared publicly - November, 4
Was my first time ever going there. Being a former haunt actor and a big fan of going through a lot of attractions as a customer I expected the long lines on a night that is normally busy for the haunt industry so that wont affect the review. A wide variety of food,games and rides to ride after you are done going through the haunts. This is the first haunt that I've been to where there's actual amusement rides so that was definitely an interesting thing to see and also enjoy. The scenes were great but can definitely use some more detail added. Especially in between some scenes. I can't get mad when it comes to staffing because everyone is understaffed but it definitely affects the quality of a show so worth the mention. They are understaffed as everyone else and I had alot of skits with no actors. Of the actors I came across some are pretty good and got me but a few lacked in there acting skills as usual at every haunt. In one attaction I only saw one actor total. Overall I give them a four out of Five. Their line system to get tickets could have been way more organized and the staffing was a but to understaffed.

Shared publicly - November, 4
A must visit place for Halloween 🎃! We enjoyed every single moment there! The hayride was more than expected, it was long and scary! Thank Frighland!

Krista W Krista W
Shared publicly - November, 4
I hadn’t been here for a few years and I took my friend who had never been. We went on Saturday the 23rd. The bad: holy hell, the line to get in. We waited in the line of cars for close to two hours. I don’t fault Frightland on this though, as this quite a lot of cars to direct and they had police men doing a lot of traffic directing. There were also lines to get through security and to exchange our online tickets but those moved relatively fast. The good: VIP passes were totally worth it. Once we were it, it was seamless. We could have gone through the haunted houses twice it was so easy and smooth. I had never been on the hayride as the long line with the normal passes had deterred me in previous years- I went on it this year and I see why everyone loves it so much. The amount of props, detail, actors, and special effects on that ride alone must take at least a month to set up. My old favorites the manor and the barn were still scary as well and I enjoyed the cemetery and fear as well. Overall, despite the long car ride my friend and I agreed we’ll be back next year. We’ll just bring some entertainment in the car with us lmao.

LC Collins LC Collins
Shared publicly - November, 4
Extremely fun but enter if you dare 😱! Very engaging activities and the attractions are a must for any horror enthusiast. I had a great time here and will be back again. They have something for everyone young and old. Try to order online and fast passes are a must unless you don't mind standing in line for 2 hours plus. Come over and enjoy the thrill.

Jesi Lopez Jesi Lopez
Shared publicly - November, 4
Spent $170 for 4ppl for a waste of time. Spent 5hrs in 1 line or another. Made it thru all 8 attractions in an hour and there were no actors. Will definitely not be going back. Pennhurst Asylum in 2020(middle of covid) was better and they only have 3 attractions. Picture posted below was the middle of the line(3hr wait) for the first attraction.

Colly Pop Colly Pop
Shared publicly - November, 4
My friend and I have a tradition of going to one haunted attraction a year. This year we chose Frightland and we were not disappointed!! The value compared to other haunts we have been to is shocking. We were very happy with our VIP tickets, we barely had to wait at all to get on the attractions, plus unlimited carnival rides! The place was packed so if you’re considering the VIP ticket, it’s definitely worth it. The merchandise is very inexpensive as well. Definitely recommend! There were a decent amount of actors, with some attractions lacking actors but that is something that you run into at most places. The spots missing actors weren’t lacking a scare as the attention to detail in the scenes were amazing.

Angela Hetzler Angela Hetzler
Shared publicly - November, 4
Was definitely better this year the actors were awesome they had us screaming and running from them.Riding the hayride 1st makes it so much better so you actually get to do everything there

MPistol HVBullets MPistol HVBullets
Shared publicly - September, 1
Had a great time. Unfortunately on this particular evening a cold wind came through and froze us out! We didn't get a chance to check out the hay ride. But we'll be back next year!

Developing Wellness Solutions Developing Wellness Solutions
Shared publicly - November, 4
Wow this is a 10 stars attraction. Now my only complaint are the lines! Buy some type of fast pass or something but aside from them the staff were really fun and the displays were awesome! A lot of detail and work went into putting this park together. It’s also cool because It’s like a carnival too! So lots of that carnival type food funnel cakes, turkey legs, candy apples, corn dogs! Amazing! And I had a blast

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