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Fort George G. Meade Museum

Fort George G. Meade Museum

Address: 4674 Griffin Ave, Fort Meade, MD 20755, USA


Website: https://history.army.mil/museums/IMCOM/fortMeade/index.html

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Frank H Frank H
Shared publicly - January, 20
Did a 20 minute drive through of the museum...it was not much to look at from the outside and appeared closed but the door was unlocked...so went in. This is a small but plentiful museum with even large artifacts such as two World War I era tanks inside the building. Many displays pertained to World War I and included some neat trench art and information on World War I US tank soldiers - a rare find for me. If you enjoy military history, you will not be disappointed and only need about 30 minutes to view the major size interior displays.

NKP Murphy NKP Murphy
Shared publicly - February, 28
We checked the web page to visit on a Sunday- the place was dark and locked up fifteen minutes past the time it was scheduled to open. It looked like an interesting place, but in many places the lights were off. The staff member on duty actually fell asleep and was snoring loudly while sitting at his computer during our visit. It was warm in there, maybe he was not feeling well but for a three hour shift I think you should be able to stay awake. We did not wake him up, just left after we were finished. Some very interesting artifacts, but much was under construction. Breath taking social realism murals on the ceiling. This pales in comparison to the NSA museum. Also, no toilet paper in the restroom, minor point, but when you arent that busy (we were the only ones at the time) that should be taken care of. We saw one other woman try to enter from the door by the parking lot side and it was locked, no signs saying where to enter, etc.

Glen West Glen West
Shared publicly - April, 27
Solid place for a respite from either the heat or the cold during a change of command ceremony, and learn some history

Marla Martucci Marla Martucci
Shared publicly - July, 28
Awesome displays!! Family thoroughly enjoyed it!! So sad to hear its closing!!

Justin Molyneux Justin Molyneux
Shared publicly - June, 9
This small museum is worth a visit for sure. Not only are there static displays outside of various vehicles, but there is also some static displays inside of the building. If you appreciate the historical side of the military, this museums's array of armament, clothing, documentation, and art is right up your alley. We went on a day off and arrived a little before closing (we didn't know the hours until we got there). We were probably a bit speedier than we could've been had we had more time, but the person minding the museum let us know that despite the place closing we could take our time. They have some pamphlets, maps and other documents up front for surrounding locations and waypoints, as well as a small kids section if you wanted to take in some of the history of the fort and distract the little tyke for a second or two.

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