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Florida Preparatory Academy

Florida Preparatory Academy

Address: 1950 Academy Dr, Melbourne, FL 32901, USA


Website: http://www.flprep.com/

City: Florida

Country: United States

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Debbie Chun Debbie Chun
Shared publicly - March, 16
If you truly love your child, you WILL NOT send them to this awful school. The long term psychological effects are absolutely horrendous. This school is the absolute worst and I hope everyone who’s ever worked here to support this kind of disgustingly inhumane operation can’t bear to look at themselves in the mirror for the rest of their lives.

Griselle Marino Griselle Marino
Shared publicly - January, 10
It is probably the worst school in the country. They only care about money. The students are not supervised and older children room together with younger ones despite what they say. The administration covers for one another. Do NOT place your child in this school. It is not anything they say.

Pedro Aleman Pedro Aleman
Shared publicly - December, 14
I went to Florida Air Academy in 1977&78 it's a great school and in 77 it snow for the first time in Florida lol

Laurence Andrews Laurence Andrews
Shared publicly - April, 7
I graduated from the Florida Air Academy in the early 1970s. For me it was the right choice and place. In addition to the academic preparation, it prepared me for the way in life, as well as numerous lifelong friendships. I went on to a career in the military, undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in college, and a follow on career in corporate management. This institution is not for all, as the feckless negative reviews indicate. If you want preparation for a self-sufficient life ahead this is worthy of consideration.

Lisa Rubenstein, MD Lisa Rubenstein, MD
Shared publicly - May, 25
Amazing school for our oldest son. We too are from the northeast, and while the academics may not be as rigorous, the other things he learns there are immeasurable - such as how to be s self starter, empathy, teamwork, and how to be an overall “good person”. Would choose this school again in a heartbeat...

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