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Felton Pizza

Felton Pizza

Address: 103 W Main St, Felton, DE 19943, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-284-4552

Website: https://feltonpizza.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Jay Domond Jay Domond
Shared publicly - June, 4
I love supporting small and local business.Just my honest review for my last visit. Ordered a large cheese steak with extra meat. Extra meat cost extra,not a problem. However, when I got home guess what no extra meat. Just a regular cheese steak!!! Please do better, give customers what they pay for!!!!

Cory Mike Cory Mike
Shared publicly - August, 26
We literally just ordered this tonight and everything was thrown away. We ordered boneless wings and wings with bone. Both were plain sitting in a sauce that was filled with oil and was so watered down. Then we also got a pep pizza, it tasted like a pizza you get frozen from the grocery store. The crust was so hard, it was like breaking a cracker in half. Would rather chew on a piece of cardboard. Every time we have ordered from there before we always said never again. Well this will definitely be the last time we will ever order from there. trust me, it's worth driving an extra 15miles to go somewhere else. The only positive was the old lady who delivered it was nice.

Rebecca Fox- Lykens Rebecca Fox- Lykens
Shared publicly - July, 4
Tried this place for delivery for the first time. They are amazing, whoever was answering the phones last evening, Saturday June 11, was phenomenal, she was busy, had to keep picking up phone putting people on hold, but she took her time with my order and it arrived perfect. If you haven’t had their steak calzone , it’s a one of a kind, steak, ricotta, mozzarella, I added hot and sweet peppers and mushrooms, it’s amazing! The hot and sweet peppers they use are exactly what should be used, like the ones on cheese steaks!!! The food arrived hot, I mean hot, we’re only 6 miles from this place but my food didn’t sit around, I will definitely order from this place again!!

Ali & Matt Zat Ali & Matt Zat
Shared publicly - October, 7
Best pizza in Felton. The crust is always so clean! I’ve never had pizza like this before. Also, the wings are always huge and cooked to perfection. Lots of sauce! Very nice and kind people. I love the owner lady. She hugs my kids when we go in and just as sweet as pie. Only negative is I order wings in 40+ quantities and they only give me 2-3 ranches each time. Not a big because I have sauce at home but they do skimp on sauces on the side.

Katarina Ducay Katarina Ducay
Shared publicly - April, 5
For getting all sorts of upgrades to the face of the place they sure went down in service ND quality. They have managed to mess up my order every time we've ever gotten delivery. We don't even bother calling back anymore. We only order from them if we're desperate enough and no where else will deliver

James Boisvere James Boisvere
Shared publicly - June, 4
It's pretty sad when you oder off an online menu and find out the prices have risin and they never updated the price. Love the food, hate not being informed about increases until after you're there to pickup.

Ken Winston Ken Winston
Shared publicly - June, 4
I think they make the tastiest pizza in the area for a small deli restaurant. I would definitely recommend them.

D McKnight D McKnight
Shared publicly - September, 2
Felton Pizza has amazing food. It is like 4 minutes away from my house. The food is so good. I have had alot of the food on the menu and I haven't found something that i didn't like. My husband loves the mozzarella sticks. Everyone there is so friendly. I haven't had a single problem with my orders, the food, or the people. The prices are amazing as well. I recommend that everyone tries it out.

Sharon Churchwell Sharon Churchwell
Shared publicly - June, 4
Had pizza and a Stromboli delivered 2 different time n wasn't happy with either one. Very light with fixings

Deanna Hur Deanna Hur
Shared publicly - October, 7
Felton Pizza has the best pizza and wings in Kent County. I am very picky with food and honestly won't give a place a second chance if the food is not up to par. I have ordered both take out and delivery from them. Both are superb. Deliveries are generally quicker than they estimate.

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