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Felton Community Fire Company, Inc.

Felton Community Fire Company, Inc.

Address: 9 E Main St, Felton, DE 19943, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-284-4800

Website: https://www.feltonfirecompany.org/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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PhillipsVision YT PhillipsVision YT
Shared publicly - August, 28
Nice community Fire Station. During the Summer months they have their fundraiser "Ice Cream Friday and Saturday". During this event you can get ice cream from their truck located across the street from the fire house; sometimes they also have a car show. They also have other fundraisers throughout the year like the Oyster Dinner (which was really good) 👍

Ronnie Ronnie
Shared publicly - September, 3
My wife and I go to all their functions and always have a great time. They have awesome dinners throughout the month that are all delicious! The people are always very friendly. We just had the fish fry last month and it was amazing! We had roast beef and dumplings last week which was also great. Love these guys. And they put out fires so that's pretty cool.

Ryan artigliere Ryan artigliere
Shared publicly - February, 4
Only leaving a 4 star review because Rodney Simons rides there and can’t bench press his body weight. If you kick him out I’ll bump it up to 5 stars.

Ma Il Ma Il
Shared publicly - September, 3
Well never I thought I would have to say something like this, but tonight, 18 Dec 2018 @ 1830, the Felton Fire Department decided to drive around the Chimney Hill neighborhood BLARING their sirens. At first I was wondering what the heck could be going on because the sirens wouldnt turn off. Eventually they made it down my road and there stood a person in a Santa Suit presumably giving candy out to kids. Awesome job with the candy and getting the kids excited to see Santa, but the sirens.... Some of us in this neighborhood work night shift and are enjoying out sleep. In what world is it ok to sit outside my house with sirens blasting with no emergancy? Thanks for waking up me and my roommates who work night shift. Maybe next time you guys can just have something at the firehouse for kids and keep it all there. Or maybe keep the sirens off! Glad Rob Watts thought I was joking and decided to post a picture of what happened. Very professional Felton FD.

Belkis Celis Belkis Celis
Shared publicly - September, 2

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