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Fantasies Nightclub

Fantasies Nightclub

Address: 5520 Pennington Ave, Baltimore, MD 21226, USA


Website: http://fantasiesnightclub.com/

City: Maryland

Country: United States

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Aaron Griffith Aaron Griffith
Shared publicly - October, 4
Lots of beautiful women, however not very outgoing. I like to think of myself as fairly attractive 6' dark hair fit build but the most they would say is hi handsome take my dollars and crawl away. The place was nice and clean for the most part and people were friendly. The 5 stars is for the cute Asian bartender it was her birthday I sat at the corner of the bar I couldn't take my eyes off of her. Wish I could have talked to her she was very busy and I'm not good at talking to beautiful women.

Diana Standiford Diana Standiford
Shared publicly - February, 28
$17.75 for 1 corona and 1 vodka n diet. Bartender so drunk she couldn’t hardly keep her eyes open. No dancers on stage or on the floor... why even be open?? No cover charge, WELL I GUESS THATS FAIR but clearly this place is attempting to make up for it by overcharging for drinks... never again ud83dudc4eud83cudffcud83dudc4eud83cudffcud83dudc4eud83cudffc

Tony Banton Tony Banton
Shared publicly - October, 24
Im a frequent customer the only things that could change is the Handicap parking and Expand the Menu a lot. Other than that you all are great.

steve k steve k
Shared publicly - August, 22
The sign outside said they were closed 8/9/2020 by order of the Govt. Why don't they then update their webpage to say so?

Timothy Gallagher Timothy Gallagher
Shared publicly - September, 25
In Baltimore on business and went to this bar. Waited for 10 minutes for bartender, because i didn't have change for my $20 yet the girls were visually upset and giving attitude, the few girls that would talk asked for private dances to soon, one dancer i forget her name(short has a tattoos on her chest, stomach, whole back and both sides of her head) did sit with me an talk for a little. She very flirtatious very touchy and not shy to offer other services during private dance.

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