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Family Dollar

Family Dollar

Address: 826 N Parkerson Ave, Crowley, LA 70526, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 337-785-5331

Website: https://www.familydollar.com/locations/la/crowley/21180/

City: Louisiana

Country: United States

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Billie Brown Billie Brown
Shared publicly - September, 29
This Family Dollar location has helpful staff members and the store is usually clean although may be somewhat cluttered if they happen to be stocking shelves when you go since the store is a little small they really have no choice in the matter but otherwise can’t find anything to complain about. They have always treated me very well here!

Bea Villejoin Bea Villejoin
Shared publicly - December, 2
Family Dollar Re-Grand Opening: I went to this store for it's Re-Grand Opening Sale, the 2nd day of sale. Aisles were so cluttered with unopened boxes, you could barely move thru the aisle, along with other several complaints, I don't think I will spend my hardworking money at this store. Thank you.

Benjamine Smith Benjamine Smith
Shared publicly - September, 29
This place is a dumpster fire. It has continued to progressively get worse and worse since the former manager Larry retired. The manager that took his place, Sheila, has ran this store into the dirt and has openly said that she didn’t care. I come into this store probably three times a week, (only because they have a couple of items that the dollar general next door doesn’t carry) and the store ALWAYS looks like a tornado hit it. The floors are filthy! Unopened and in stocked freight and merchandise is on carts EVERYWHERE! It is literally almost impossible to navigate my shopping cart up and down the very narrow isles. Once I asked to use their bathroom and they told me that they didn’t have a public rest room. Well that’s against the health code so I made a phone call about that. Someone needs to get in touch with their district manager and make her aware of what is going on in this store.

Teresa Faulkner Teresa Faulkner
Shared publicly - January, 31
Big cooker out in the parking lot,no where to park ,the big coolers been their for months now ,do something,😏

Latrell Benton Latrell Benton
Shared publicly - September, 29
There are 2 in town n I prefer the older one cuz they have more then the newer one but the newer store is cleaner then the older one. U can't walk for all the freight in the isles. This is an everyday thing. Wish they had some help!!

Jenny C Jenny C
Shared publicly - September, 28
Had trouble maneuvering a shopping buggy through all the product boxes. The staff was friendly and helpful

Jillian Nichole (jilly beans) Jillian Nichole (jilly beans)
Shared publicly - September, 28
The guy who was behind the counter went above and beyond to help me find an item but besides the store all the had was diet coke (blah) and diet dr pepper no diet mountain dew (boo)

Daniel Toups Daniel Toups
Shared publicly - September, 28
Love family dollar better stuff than dollar general but not as cheap. But you get what u pay for!

Brenda Holbert Brenda Holbert
Shared publicly - September, 29

Adriana Ginther Adriana Ginther
Shared publicly - September, 28
Found everything I needed. Customer service was great.

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