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Fairfield Bay Lanes

Fairfield Bay Lanes

Address: 115 Village Ln, Fairfield Bay, AR 72088, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 501-884-5300

Website: http://visitfairfieldbay.com/parks-recreation/bowling/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Bella Orsi Bella Orsi
Shared publicly - January, 14
I always have an amazing time there and Andy always takes care of everything. 6 lanes very cozy atmosphere. Great folks

Shared publicly - April, 14
Great place to have all kind of fun besides bowling! Great to take your family and hove fun and good food!!

Mitch Mitchell Mitch Mitchell
Shared publicly - May, 14
The only bowling alley in the TRI-County area. You will find six lanes that have auto scoring. There is arcades for the kids and a pool table. The staff is excellent, beer is cold, and hot dogs that are pretty good too.

Nina Swan Nina Swan
Shared publicly - September, 4
Today was the first time to go since the remodel and the place was really dusty and dirty and the food isn't cooked there anymore it has to be delivered from another business. We had our own ball (we did see the sgin about not responsible for damage to our own ball) but something in the machines did chip the ball in about 4 places. We could hear it making some noise when the ball was coming back. Was told they wouldn't fix the problem so we won't be able to use our own ball unless we want it damaged. We got moved to another lane but it didn't help at all so we just stopped using our ball. We went alot before the remodel and it never messed up the ball and we had alot of fun but we will drive to Conway to bowl now since they don't want to fix the problem.

Trisha Marsh Trisha Marsh
Shared publicly - June, 13
We went to ffb bowling today n loved it the kids had a blast they loved the pizza the staff was amazing my granddaughter is blind and has autism they were great even when she had her meltdown we will be back and again thanks

John Calaway John Calaway
Shared publicly - September, 11
Had the best time...not a big place but family friendly. The food is good here...cooked in air fryer so it is not greasy! The people were so nice to my grandbabies and gave them a free ice cream!

Casey Dunn Casey Dunn
Shared publicly - January, 14
First of all, great folks working there. Service was awesome and friendly. The main problem is the equipment. It is old... as in 1960s old. We spent a large amount of our time either waiting for our balls to be returned or waiting for the pins to cycle. We had to go get help a lot. The machine put the pins down with pins missing sometimes and with them laying on their sides as well. The other issue was that the software that keeps score for you is wildly inaccurate. It is a known issue so they give you a scoring sheet to fill out yourself. While this is a solution, very few people know how to fill one out and frankly it's inconvenient at the least. Overall we had a great time, the food was good and the drinks reasonably priced. Service was great as well. Only issue is the equipment is extremely outdated and unreliable. We ended up just bowling for fun, without keeping score. We decided to let the crazy scoring computer just "pick" the winner since actual scores had nothing to do with it. Lol If you're a serious bowler you'll lose your mind. If you're there just to have fun and cut up with the family, you'll enjoy yourself for sure.

Spiritual Warfare Force by Bella Orsi Spiritual Warfare Force by Bella Orsi
Shared publicly - December, 15
I had a wonderful time at the bowling alley. Andy was very attentive to our needs. We will be back.

Courtney Quarzenski Courtney Quarzenski
Shared publicly - February, 13
My husband and I had so much fun there last night.

Pamela Wilkes Pamela Wilkes
Shared publicly - September, 12
Great family atmosphere! Just like the bowling alleys I remember when I was a kid.

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