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Extreme Honda Suzuki

Extreme Honda Suzuki

Address: 2384 Golden Isles W, Baxley, GA 31513, USA


City: Georgia

Country: United States

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Victoria Taylor Victoria Taylor
Shared publicly - April, 9
Love the people that work here! Had the best experience working with the Sales Manager, Parts Lady and the Service Department people! Everyone was so helpful and made my day! Will definitely go back to see them. Thanks for the laughter and conversations with everyone of you.

S Perry S Perry
Shared publicly - April, 8
Took my 2021 mule for the break in service there and they messed up my mule . When I took it back for them to straighten it out and they made it out to be my fault..And when I asked the mechanic if he could fix it he wanted to fist fight me in the parking lot. I asked if he couldn't fix it that I wanted my money back and was run down and called all kinds of names..And when I asked to speak to the owner I was told no that he wasn't there and that I couldn't talk to him..I call bs on that but they will not be getting any more of my business.

John Waters John Waters
Shared publicly - September, 12
Never will they see any of my money. I called today for some gloves for my daughter,she has a Honda Metropolitan scooter,of course they had none in stock. The lady answering the phone was as friendly as a bear trap. I made a comment that you would think they would keep gloves in stock and told her thank you. All I got was click,no thank you for calling or nothing,just click. P.S. —I have the one star because they did answer the phone.

Belkis Celis Belkis Celis
Shared publicly - March, 25
Slowest place I have ever dealt with with service issues

Debbie Worth Debbie Worth
Shared publicly - October, 25
Less than 2 weeks ago..I dropped $3000 down payment on a honda rubicon..it cuts off and shows a zero on dashboard...tried to call..my husband left a message to be called back..then I called and was told guy was busy..told person that answered phone that it was important that he call me back...not only did he not call me back..he didn't even return the message my husband left on his voicemail...they ran my credit and told me it was 100 points lower than it really is .I checked it as soon as I got back home..and to not return our calls becoz of some problem with this brand new 4 Wheeler..very unprofessional and the problem will be fixed!

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