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Eureka Springs Safari Park

Eureka Springs Safari Park

Address: 32297 State Hwy 86, Eagle Rock, MO 65641, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 417-544-0429

Website: https://www.plzoo.com/eureka-springs/pricing/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Troy Chamness Troy Chamness
Shared publicly - July, 14
Couldn't get any Buffalo to come to the car but the rest of the animals were very happy too come socialize. The emu's made us laugh since they car see in the windows and take the food right out of your hand. Great little place that we have been by several times and is way bigger then expected. Very cool experience for the whole family.

Jennifer Rafferty Jennifer Rafferty
Shared publicly - July, 14
We really enjoyed this place and being able to pet and feed the animals! They have a drive through part, and then a petting zoo.

Eric Baab Eric Baab
Shared publicly - September, 12
Decent place. Pretty cool to drive through a zoo. There are A LOT of deer. Could be less in my opinion as its almost a driving hazard as they don't always move out of the way easily.

Kelso 0-0 Kelso 0-0
Shared publicly - August, 29
interesting experience. lots of fun. for a place that presents it’s self to be so godly… it is riddled with so many satanic creatures… just beware. look in their eyes.. i think something latched onto one of the parties with me, she came home and drew something… she said something was telling her to do so. can’t wait to go back💚 :edit- what doesn’t make since? also that’s a bit unprofessional

Skylar Foster Skylar Foster
Shared publicly - September, 12
All the animals are really cute and loving. Except for the birds they are mean and kinda scary. It's really fun to be able to go through it in your and feed the animals.

Lisa Phillips Lisa Phillips
Shared publicly - September, 12
Went early on a Monday. We were greeted quickly by friendly workers. Paid for petting zoo and drive thru. We were the only ones at the park and spent an hour driving slowly feeding and enjoying all the animals. The animals came right up to the car and we enjoyed interacting with them. The entrance was disappointing because we collect magnets and there were no souvenirs at all. It was pretty dirty and hardly any animals to interact with.

Melissa Spaulding Melissa Spaulding
Shared publicly - September, 12
It is a great little safari. The drive thru portion is about 45 minutes long. We only got one bucket of food we needed 2 so make sure to get more then one bucket of food to feed the llama and deer love to eat. They also have a walk thru with pigs and tortoise, kangaroo, goats and a few other animals

Roni Anderson Roni Anderson
Shared publicly - May, 15
I almost suggested we not go through with our visit when I saw how terrible of a setup they have their guinea pigs in. I decided to go ahead and the entire trip was disappointing. The woman was rude. She didn't guide us as at all on what we could expect or do. There is supposedly a petting area. Is that through the fence? No idea. On the drive through part it is mainly deer and emus. It's pretty clean overall but at almost $50.00 for two people, not much to see/do and not great care of the animals, I don't recommend.

Traci Kerr Traci Kerr
Shared publicly - September, 12
This is by far one of the best drive thru zoo's in NWA. Loved that so many of the animals came right up to our truck. The scenic loop was amazing as well. The petting zoo was fun and very interactive. Bought our tickets on Groupon so this was a great deal.

Kim Forster Kim Forster
Shared publicly - September, 12
Absolutely loved the facility and the employees where extremely nice. The petting zoo was AMAZING! The cockatoo, I'd have to sat was amazing. I asked it to show its Mohawk and it did! Asked to pet it and it got close and let me pet its head, lifted a wing so I could pet it under! I LOVE THEM!

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