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Ernie's Country Store

Ernie's Country Store

Address: 1246 Peachtree Run, Magnolia, DE 19962, USA


Website: http://www.erniescountrystore.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Claudia Colley Claudia Colley
Shared publicly - March, 19
Love the owners. Very nice people

Mike Adams Mike Adams
Shared publicly - January, 2
Dark, dirty and in a bad area. Eating their food is out of the question but for drinks and smokes(If they have them) ITS A FAST STOP.

khalilah harmon khalilah harmon
Shared publicly - October, 29
Losey store anymore. It used to be so nice in there clean good, well OK food now I can't eat there meats warm. It's dirty in there an dusty. The people the run it are so ignorant, rude. No type of manners or even respect their customers. I never seen them smile. And many times I have gotten expired or something that was old stale. An it not cool to eat or drink something old. An have they ever heard of moving shelves to sweep an mop those nasty floors in there an the kitchen is worse. I can't believe it when people actually order food from back there a family member got sick from a sub because the meats where in the heat all day an mayo too. Her fridge was cold or working right in the kitchen. It was a mess that day. An to this day that owner of this store fridges doesn't get cold enough to keep it. An the sliding doors on them they always off track. Never close properly so the stuff inside is warmer than it is to be.

Cyan Cian Cyan Cian
Shared publicly - August, 23
Very convenient location and business, not the best neighborhood but you can't really change that

Lakshman Singh Rathod Lakshman Singh Rathod
Shared publicly - January, 13

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