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Emma Parrish Theatre

Emma Parrish Theatre

Address: 301 Julia St, Titusville, FL 32796, USA


Website: http://www.titusvilleplayhouse.com/

City: Florida

Country: United States

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100 Mill Club 100 Mill Club
Shared publicly - May, 16
Best theater iv'e ever been to. Was beautiful and had great characters. I should know, I was a performer in a play once. Best time of my life.

Abdullah Albloushi Abdullah Albloushi
Shared publicly - July, 20
Fabulous shows. Excellent condition COVID protection.

Potter Walker Potter Walker
Shared publicly - April, 6
This place works very hard at putting on wonderful shows and they succeed. Bravo bravo to them.

Lisa Suttles Lisa Suttles
Shared publicly - October, 30
I love it at the theatre! I am just so grateful to you for sending us the flyer last season and we have been treating ourselves to the shows and your many talents ever since!! Lisa Suttles

Shared publicly - April, 15
Love the atmosphere. Play was great!

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