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Elizabeth Skinner

Elizabeth Skinner

Address: 407 S Main St, Stuttgart, AR 72160, USA


City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Tô Nguy?t Tô Nguy?t
Shared publicly - July, 10
Good folks and great service.

Betty Wofford Betty Wofford
Shared publicly - May, 7
I don't feel like they really care. They don't let you know anything unless you called them.

Haley Greene Haley Greene
Shared publicly - December, 5
She was never helpful nor understand. I had pressed charges on my neighbor cause he was making terroristic threats towards my family. Every time I called her office her secretary would always lie and say she was either in court or was never in her office. I took it upon myself to pop up at her office concerned about my report she said that I wasn’t her client when the sheriff said they sent all my information to her she even stated that after she told me I wasn’t her client she then stated that the city of Stuttgart was her client. She said she also had other stacks of cases that she didn’t touch. She didn’t bother to look up my information while I was there. She told me it would be a year before she signs on my report. Which is crazy cause the crazy neighbor also stated that he would cause me and my family physical harm & she acted as if she didn’t care. She is horrible in her practice and is suppose to protect and serve and looks like she is only there to lie.

Amber S Amber S
Shared publicly - March, 11
Elizabeth Skinner handled my grandmother's estate. She misfiled forms so that I got a bill from the IRS that I had to battle and she misspelled names on the forms. The entire procedure took almost a year.

Shared publicly - August, 16

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