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Eagle Nail Tool Supply of Milford

Eagle Nail Tool Supply of Milford

Address: 1061 N Walnut St, Milford, DE 19963, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-430-0840

Website: http://www.eaglenailandtool.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Brock Morris Brock Morris
Shared publicly - September, 2
As the owner of Diamond State Hardwood Floors. My crews and myself rely on my pneumatic tools for every day use. The repair shop can fix everything in our arsenal and get it operating smoother than the manufacturer can out of the box!! Highly recommended!

Alfred Marshall Alfred Marshall
Shared publicly - September, 3
They don't even deserve one star, that's the only way l could comment. Took two trim nailguns over a month ago, was told they would call and give me a quote, l called the third week, said it will be ready in a week, went there two weeks later,,, took them 10 minutes to find it, both guns were all apart in a box, said the parts were on order. They then gave me a quote, 60% of what l paid for them new. Never go there again. I say order the parts you need then go to YouTube and do it yourself.

Frank Alberts Frank Alberts
Shared publicly - September, 2
Good service they always have what i need i highly recomend it to all contractors.

Christopher Tyre Christopher Tyre
Shared publicly - September, 3
An awesome place to get what you need for tools, supplies, and repairs!!

Gabriel Jordan Gabriel Jordan
Shared publicly - September, 3
Great place. Great Service. Only place I go for tools or tool repair.

Rob Lentz Rob Lentz
Shared publicly - September, 2
Old school tool and hardware store. Nothing fancy, but they'll have what you need.

Alyssa Atchison Alyssa Atchison
Shared publicly - September, 2
Always has the supplies you need!

Omarie Starr Omarie Starr
Shared publicly - September, 2
Is very good store

Zachary Balleza Zachary Balleza
Shared publicly - September, 3
Good 👍

Jennifer Marcela Catalan Lopez Jennifer Marcela Catalan Lopez
Shared publicly - September, 3
They got it all

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