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Dover Motor Speedway

Dover Motor Speedway

Address: 1131 N Dupont Hwy, Dover, DE 19901, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 800-441-7223

Website: http://www.doverspeedway.com/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Jennifer Robertson Jennifer Robertson
Shared publicly - May, 5
Had a great time at the Xfinity Series. It was our first time there and it was very relaxed. Parking was ample. If you need assistance getting around then I suggest a golf cart, bike, scooter, or something to assist you. A lot of people had them. The walk from the parking lot was about 20 minutes one way to our seats. Very pleasant and flat. The entire place was easy to access and leave. The food stands and restrooms were plenty. They were kept pretty clean as well with the stand alone having attendants. Food was traditional stand food and very quick.

Nikki Sell Nikki Sell
Shared publicly - June, 4
Overall the speedway is awesome! Plenty to do, see, eat before the race. The track itself is small so you can see the whole race. I was very excited yesterday as it was my first time. Unfortunately the race was cancelled due to rain. My complaint is that staff was very rude to us when people were trying to eat/stay dry while it was raining. They yelled for everyone to leave. Another man threatened to have a cop remove us. So we walked the mile back to our car in pouring rain. There’s only one exit as well so we sat for a few hours in the lot trying to leave.

William William
Shared publicly - June, 4
Haven’t been to Dover in 15 years easy in and out. Restrooms were clean good views from most seats being a 1 mile track. The race was rained out hasn’t been rained out since 2007. Well you guessed it the race was rained out after 78 laps. Didn’t feel like staying over can’t blame the track. Just disappointed. I’ll probably go back some day maybe 🤔

Victor Noel Victor Noel
Shared publicly - July, 4
Took my son to the NASCAR race here and we had a blast! Unfortunately the race was paused and subsequently postponed due to rain but we really enjoyed our experience. A must-see track if you’re a big racing fan.

Chris MacPhee Chris MacPhee
Shared publicly - June, 4
Camping near Dover Speedway and going to a race is a great family weekend escape and highly recommend! great track with lots to do for all.

Susi Q Susi Q
Shared publicly - May, 5
Lots of people lol! As expected for a NASCAR race (May 1, 2022), well-organized and clean grounds. Amish Outlaws and Jimmie Allen played free shows and drivers interviewed at a couple different locations with lots of food offerings. Ear plugs are a must! Bring them with you. Had a great time!

nex mod nex mod
Shared publicly - May, 5
Awesome race track! super awesome if you like left hand turns

Joyce Linsinbigler Joyce Linsinbigler
Shared publicly - June, 4
It was awesome! My first experience there. There was alot of things to see and purchase. Bathrooms were clean. Lots of fun!

Dougie Rhoads Dougie Rhoads
Shared publicly - June, 4
Had a great time 2 Sundays ago tailgating at Dover with the brother's. 🏁

Julia Thpson Julia Thpson
Shared publicly - June, 4
Loved it.... the race is a little too long especially if you come with the kids...but there were so much entertainment around the stadium...FREE too!... I've just wish we came earlier to have time to participate in everything. Big hank you to whoever organized the event! They need to make more events especially if there is a place like that!

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