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Deer Creek

Deer Creek

Address: 7051 Daniel Dr, Stockbridge, GA 30281, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 770-474-5274

Website: https://www.vineyardsmg.com/communities/deer-creek

City: Georgia

Country: United States

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Ricardo Jose Hernandez Franquez Ricardo Jose Hernandez Franquez
Shared publicly - July, 5
THERE IS A PEDOFILE in the neighborhood. He has multiple reports and we can never get a call back or the issue resolved. He has multiple reports from the police, and the police doesn’t do anything about it neither does the management. He needs to be kicked out of this place if the police isn’t doing anything about it. He disturbs neighbors, pulls his pants down to show his parts to teenagers and is just MENTALLY SICK, and has threatened to kill our neighbors. Hopefully with this review I can get a call back form management since they never seem to resolve the issues even with Multiple complaints from multiple neighbors.

Aaerosteve Aaerosteve
Shared publicly - March, 7
WARNING! DO NOT LIVE HERE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. OMG this place is the worst of the worst. The employees are monsters. They will destroy your house and YOU will have to pay for it or be evicted. They are dictators. They will always lie to you, about everything. They do not care about anyone, even if you have cancer and are dying. I REPEAT, DO NOT LIVE HERE!

Michael Bishop Michael Bishop
Shared publicly - April, 6
The trailer my son bought ... WELL it WAS NOT WORTH what he paid!!!! The water & electricity was messed up, needs new wiring, new fuse box and a new roof. You can tell the owners didn't keep it up, but yet they want a pretty penny for it.

Daniel Whitley Daniel Whitley
Shared publicly - June, 5
Management is crooked they take advantage of disabled people my friend has cancer a tree fell through the roof from an empty lot they promised her they would fix it it's been over a year and all they did was put a tarp over it.... I used to live there myself I went back to get a shed that belong to me and they Banned Me from the property just because they had to move a porch

Davon Davon
Shared publicly - July, 5
It’s ghetto & loud, people blasting music and fireworks late at night, people screaming loud people blocking the street, the street light doesn’t work, the landlord is a slumlord, when you call the office they rarely answer the phone, they have swimming pools but it’s so nasty that people can’t even swim in it, almost all the cars speed so you can’t even go for a walk or jog in the community, I would give it Zero stars if I could.

sami vire sami vire
Shared publicly - October, 3
first of all if i could give 0 stars i would but unfortunately it has to be at least 1 star 😞 this is the a terrible place to live and the most worst place i have ever met sadly😥. if you have more than 2 vehicles you get charge with a $50 fine each month if you park a little over the grass they charge you. they want you to clean your lot but they don't do any cleaning there's a lot of evacuated and burned mobile homes from long time ago that havent been removed, they don't even open the office in the payment date, but if you pay after the 5th of the month, you receive a late fee and the next day you have an eviction notice on your front door and they ask you to leave within 3 days. is ridicules because they give the statement on the 3rd of each month, so you basically only have 2 days to make payments if you are thinking on buying a house here think twice on the decision you will make 🤔

Lisamarie Hunter Lisamarie Hunter
Shared publicly - October, 3
A lot of us have had no running water now for almost 2 weeks. They turn it on for a little while then it stays off for 16 hours a day. Kids are not able to bathe before school. We can not flush toilets. We are using our money to eat out because we can't wash dishes. They do not know how to run a park or community. I suggest you look else where for a safe place to live. Nothing but drugs and violence here. A lot of robberies and management allows it to go on.

ItsMeTinks MrsP ItsMeTinks MrsP
Shared publicly - October, 3
Welcome to the Trailer Hood! I feel terrible for the people who own their homes and can't move them! This place is a joke from the owners of the park to the "management"... ESPECIALLY the slumlords they allow to operate here! RUN... DO NOT WALK!!

Heather “Supermom” Wilson Heather “Supermom” Wilson
Shared publicly - October, 3
Lived here for 3 years and it was an ok neighborhood then. But not now. There are people getting shot, I hear gun shots almost every night. There were homeless people living in the woods chasing kids. Dont feel comfortable or safe here anymore.

Brandye Johnson Brandye Johnson
Shared publicly - October, 4
I give this place a 0. The office staff is rude. If you have a problem they will not help you. My mom had 3 months left to pay off her mobile home well now it’s a year and 3 months.... we asked for corporates number. Well the lady in the office said that she would email them and tell them what’s going on. By the time we left the office she said they were not going to call us and said they said there was nothing they could do about our situation. The place is always flooded and they alway turn the water off without telling you. Cops are always in there people getting shot. Kids out all hours of the night. I would never recommend anyone to live here. They don’t care about the people in there they only care about the money. The pools are never open. You can only have one trash can and half of the time they don’t even pick that up. This place has really bad roaches and rats. Something needs to be done.

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