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Darley Pharmacy

Darley Pharmacy

Address: 111 Darley Rd, Claymont, DE 19703, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-798-0202

Website: https://www.mygnp.com/pharmacies/darley-pharmacy-claymont-de-19703/

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Tom Flannery Tom Flannery
Shared publicly - August, 2
This has to be one of the best change that it is the best Pharmacy that I've used. Everybody in there is super nice front to back. They have just about everything you need

J Ross J Ross
Shared publicly - July, 3
Great service! My doctor recommended this place when CVS couldn't manage the prescription. No lines and no wait.

Theamazingmeeshka Theamazingmeeshka
Shared publicly - October, 6
Darley Pharmacy is a the best pharmacy around!! Good prices for scripts, snacks, hot coffee (.89), and everything else. They have Hypoint chocolate milk too!! Staff is always a pleasure and the pharmacy techs are awesome!! Shout out to Brittany &Jim!! Thank you guys for all you do. Claymont appreciates you!

Photo LuvN Photo LuvN
Shared publicly - September, 1
Great local pharmacy with that friendly welcoming customer service that you'll know one another by first name in no time. That corner store love! Crossed store as new area resident in 2014 and the deals and sales on the snacks, bread and milk are great prices. Darley has the least expensive and the cheapest milk prices in the area. $2.99 gallon in August 2021. Moved but I make a point of stopping in and purchasing milk several times a month when I pass thru area. What a lovely warm welcome received at this store all the time. Smiles and bKindness, simply the best. Recommended and get your 🥛milk.

Jack Russell Jack Russell
Shared publicly - February, 3
Went there to get COVID tests. The price for a single test was 19.99 per test. I paid 9.99 at CVS the day before for the same brand of test kit. Nice price gouging, way to to be there for your customers. By the way Wegmans also has them for 9.99. I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN THAT PLACE AGAIN!!!

mark santa cruz mark santa cruz
Shared publicly - September, 1
I got hurt in work and used the pharmacy in work and other pharmacy's near my house in Newark-Bear area for almost 15 years and times they were out of product and had to wait. A few times i had a few arguments and left and went to another pharmacy. About 4 years ago i started using Darley Pharmacy and they were always nice pleasant and always went the extra mile to make sure your happy. Their prices by far were way cheaper than the big pharmacy prices and the first few times i thought they made a mistake, But the best part they were never out of stock. Going in their i guess the best way to describe the employees is they treat you like family. I would highly recommend them.

Brenda Czach Brenda Czach
Shared publicly - September, 1
The people who work in the Pharmacy are wonderful they will take the time to answer all your questions and even go over your medications and when is best to take them and what medications can be taken together. They will fill your prescriptions while you wait under 20 minutes 99% of the time. They will call you when your refills are ready. I can't say enough good thing's about the caring staff they are the best.

Ronald Martin Ronald Martin
Shared publicly - September, 1
Darley Pharmacy is great; and the staff they are very respectful, and caring. The pharmacists treats you like you are family. They take the worry out of getting your medication, which gives more time to focus on your health. Thank you Darley Pharmacy I will continue to be an advocate for your loving, caring, service.

yvette m gillis yvette m gillis
Shared publicly - September, 2
I've been a customer for at least 18 years. It's a pleasant atmosphere and the staff are extremely friendly caring Knowledgeable and thoughtful. They know your name and always remember a face. I've been to many pharmacies in my life but Darley is like being home.

Thomas “Delaware Man” Alexander Thomas “Delaware Man” Alexander
Shared publicly - September, 1
Constantly the lowest cost for my medication needs. Now selling CBD product's. The people running this store run a tight ship. Not a big store. That is to say its a short walk for your car to the pharmacy window. I could tell much more. Instead I recommend you stop by yourself on any morning and get a 89 cent 20 oz. Cup of coffee and see for yourself.

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