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Costco Wholesale

Costco Wholesale

Address: 900 Center Blvd S, Newark, DE 19702, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 302-894-0511

Website: https://www.costco.com/warehouse-locations/newark-DE-246.html?utm_term=KW&utm_campaign=Homepage&utm_medium=GMB&utm_source=Google&utm_content=Link

City: Delaware

Country: United States

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Enzo Lopez Enzo Lopez
Shared publicly - May, 3
Rachel was super nice and professional, and helped me find what I need. Parking is easy, gas seems cheaper than near by state, $3.899 per gallon on 4/3 vs $4.999 per gallon in Washington DC. Near by Costco, there are plenty of shopping options, coming back soon!

Amy Jamison Amancio Amy Jamison Amancio
Shared publicly - January, 3
Costco has great customer service even if you try a product like a food item and you don’t like it they will take it back no question. We recently purchased $800 worth of flooring and redid our whole whole home. We saved more than $1000 buying it from Costco. Thanks to Costco I can afford to do more in my home.

Mai Ochen Mai Ochen
Shared publicly - August, 17
Plenty of parking available. Getting a card is super easy and it was done within 10 minutes. Inside has plenty of bulk items. Amazing place and workers are friendly!

John Larsson John Larsson
Shared publicly - August, 10
Costco is Costco and in my book worth every penny for membership. For starters, I use high tier premium fuel in my car. It’s 4.37$ USD vs 4.89$ USD at Exxon and Shell nearby. So on 8/8/22 that’s 0.52$ cheaper at Costco. I use approximately 8 gallons per week. At 0.52$ x 8= 4.16$ savings per week. Over 52 weeks that equals 216.32$/year. Membership is 60$/year. My fuel savings = approximately 3.5x my membership. To anyone arguing that you don’t need big box store quantities, how’s this for a comparison? A single pack of a popular brand mens deodorant is 5.97$ at Walmart. The same brand but in a 5 pack is 17.99$ at Costco. In the long run I save 11.86$. That’s approximately 1/5th of my membership in one purchase and I’ve got 51 weeks to make up for the rest. Do I need that much at once? No, but for that much saving in one shot I’ll find room in my closet. I could go on but I believe you can figure out my point. Your membership pays for itself and you don’t even need to set foot inside for one of those still 4.99$ rotisserie chickens. Ok, so if you don’t live close to one you’re spending money to get there. That needs to be considered. All I’ll suggest is make a shopping list, consolidate your trips, and make it worthwhile. Sorry for the book, however, I believe I’ve made some good points.

Jay Lynch Jay Lynch
Shared publicly - February, 2
What can you say about Costco? My only complaint is that from week to week sometimes they don’t have the same stuff that I really like. I wish there was a way to find the things that they discontinued that I’m really into. I guess the sales price gives it away. Even when there’s long lines to check out you get out fast.

Sherin Joy Sherin Joy
Shared publicly - August, 10
Huge and amazing wholesale shop with high quality products and lower prices compared to other retailers. The store is particularly designed to makes a treasure hunting experience to the customers. So far, I have liked all the products they sell. Kirkland is their own high quality brand which is awesome🤩. Great customer service as well. Costco is best when it comes to gas prices. Disadvantage: Because it is a wholesale shop, there are no small quantity items, everything is in bulk which is good and bad at the same time, some items you might end up buying a lot more extra than what you actually need which means you are also paying a lot more. You can probably stick to a grocery list and control impulse buying!👍

Cynthia Valdez Cynthia Valdez
Shared publicly - April, 3
The meat and produce quality is good, they also have a lot of Asian and Indian items in bulk that you can't get at regular stores. They have also been adding a lot more gluten free snacks to their inventory which makes me happy. I wish they had more gluten free food court and premade options in the deli besides salads. But that's pretty much it. Everything else is great.

Barbara Lindner Barbara Lindner
Shared publicly - August, 1
It’s a big place with all sorts of items. I bought a sofa their last year and this week good, liquor and an electric razor. I like checking for deals each time. Sometimes it’s annoying when they stop carrying an item you like. The staff is friendly enough. Line the chicken when I need a quick dinner.

Tyler McQuaid Tyler McQuaid
Shared publicly - August, 17
Nice shop but the whole area leading up to and around the mall needs to be fixed by the city. Seriously. The roads look like a 3 year old mapped them with a crayon. Dart needs to fix their bus stops as well. The way this area is set up is frustrating to everyone. Costco is cool though.

Michael M Michael M
Shared publicly - August, 3
A found the manager of this store totally disinterested in listening to my concern regarding the food court bar. They had four individuals working, however only three of the employees were doing their job, the fourth employee was lazy and just stood around doing absolutely nothing. The manager needs to be better trained in customer service.

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