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Cinemark Tinseltown and XD

Cinemark Tinseltown and XD

Address: 8400 Millicent Way, Shreveport, LA 71105, United States

Phone: (+1 ) 318-798-6488

Website: https://www.cinemark.com/theatres/la-shreveport/cinemark-tinseltown-and-xd?utm_medium=organic&utm_source=gmb&utm_campaign=local_listing_theater&utm_content=GMB_listing&y_source=1_MTc0OTMxNDAtNzE1LWxvY2F0aW9uLndlYnNpdGU%3D

City: Louisiana

Country: United States

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V Cannon V Cannon
Shared publicly - April, 9
I finally found a new place to go view movies in Shreveport. I love this movie theater. Comfortable seats. However, I think they are in need of some employees. We were able to walk right in. No one ever checked our tickets. It gives me a bit of pause and concern because remember people can sneak all kinds of things into the movie theater. They also have a party room, which I thought was really cool!

Stephanie Bueschel Stephanie Bueschel
Shared publicly - February, 8
This is our favorite theater. It's clean, the food options are awesome, the staff has always been amazing with us. My kids love the reclining seats. Always a good time.

James Ford James Ford
Shared publicly - July, 8
I really liked the addition of comfortable chairs, but the theater and cup holders were filthy. I miss the ability to lift the arm rests the snuggle your spouse of kiddos, too. I liked being able to buy beer on tap, though. The picture and sound were great. Would have had 5 stars if the theater wasn't so gross.

Cortney Munson Cortney Munson
Shared publicly - August, 7
So the A/C has been broke for a few days in a number of theaters here and standing in line for the concession I observe a young lady without a hairnet or or hair pulled back and she was flipping it everywhere. So very unsanitary.

Webb Cher Webb Cher
Shared publicly - September, 22
We waited in line for the theater to open. Our seats were in a perfect spot,but maybe the recliners need updating or new motor. They did not want to recline. The customer service for refreshments were very friendly, fast and efficient. They made the difference. They get 5 stars!!

kirbeby kirbeby
Shared publicly - June, 8
Extremely cool reclining seats and you can order your concessions ahead of time to be picked up. They do have you choose specific seats when you purchase your tickets. Very pleasant experience overall, would see movies here again.

Jodi Burns Jodi Burns
Shared publicly - July, 8
Who is managing this theater? Dirty, limited concessions (no butter??!!l, the employee doesn't even know the general manager's name (no team meetings here). Bring your own antibacterial wipes for your seats...and whatever we you do...don't use the public bathrooms!! It's time for a change!! We love the movies...please...hold this establishment accountable!!!

Marc Herring Marc Herring
Shared publicly - August, 7
This use to be the place to go for movies. This place is a joke. Employees are rude. Came in to check in and the employee was too busy talking to his buddies. We coulda just walked in and no one would have known. Now on to concessions. Had some issues with the credit card machine. The employee didn't care or offer to help. The concession area was dirty, the bathrooms were dirty. All but one urinal had plastic bags over them. Trash on the floor. The paper towel roll was left in a puddle of water. The movie showrooms are just as equally a joke. Trash everywhere wires showing from lights. No to mention pallets of food and concession stuff in the hallway. I get the so called "pandemic", the shortage of supplies and employees, but this is ridiculous definitely won't be back. I'll drive to the other side of the river where I am sure it is nicer.

cliftoyoun cliftoyoun
Shared publicly - July, 8
Chairs are comfy and screens are big. The online apps were down so we went through fandango which cost us more due to fees. The app the movie theater uses has no convenience fees which is a plus and you can also order snacks to cut down on the concession wait time. Alcohol is served here.

Christy W Christy W
Shared publicly - July, 8
They’ve got the market corned since they’re the only movie theater in town showing new releases, so I guess they don’t care about keeping up the facility. Every part of this establishment was filthy, from the parking lot to the hallways and theaters to the bathrooms. We visited twice in one week and the same garbage was strewn across the entrance, so I know it wasn’t just a one off this floor (and based on recent reviews it’s an ongoing issue). There was trash in the cup holders, bathroom floor was slippery (not from being recently mopped) to the point of being dangerous. Concession lines are super long and even if you order ahead and have it delivered to your seat be prepared to wait. There used to be a time when you would see employees walking around with a broom and dustpan but that is no more, instead they are standing around not doing much of anything. Management should be ashamed.

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