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Chabad of Northwest Arkansas

Chabad of Northwest Arkansas

Address: 3400 SE John Rollow Dr, Bentonville, AR 72712, USA


Website: http://jewishnwa.org/

City: Arkansas

Country: United States

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Natali Rozin Natali Rozin
Shared publicly - November, 2
There are the most beautiful and friendly people who bring Hashem's light to NW Arkansas!

William Juday William Juday
Shared publicly - March, 13
Just called to see if services were on hold due to this flu outbreak. Don’t know who I spoke with but was offended because I was told that I couldn’t visit! Its sad that poeple are telling others that they can’t go to praise GOD!

Simcha Morgenstern Simcha Morgenstern
Shared publicly - July, 27
My family and I spent several weekends at Chabad of NW Arkansas. We, like many others, can attest to the wonderful hospitality and warmth the Greisman family bestows on the community and anyone so fortunate enough to be their guest. If you're in the neighborhood, I urge you to stop by and say hello. You won't regret it.

rahma tia rahma tia
Shared publicly - November, 14
Awesome place MaryKay

Landon Kuren Landon Kuren
Shared publicly - October, 4
Great place to enjoy an incredible kiddush Saturday morning

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